Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh, It's ALL about the treats!

When I got home from work yesterday Joe had given both the girls a pig ear (sorry So). Sophie immediately gobbled hers up and it was completely consumed when I got home. Annie had only smelled hers. Joe was a bit confused as to why she didn't eat it since she really loves them. The answer soon became apparent.


After I put my stuff away I grabbed a glass of iced tea and proceeded to relax on the front porch with Joe. At that point Annie started smelling her treat.


Guess who came in to try and steal a bite.




Don't even think about it sister!


Sophie decided to try a different angle.




"Maybe I'll try this angle. I can sneak up and grab it really quick and Annie won't know what happened."



"Dagdum it, that didn't work."


"I'll try one more time, I'll beg this time."


"Dang it! She wouldn't share. I'll have to just sniff the leftovers."


Obviously Annie wanted her Momma to be home before she ate her treat. After all, in the eyes of a dog it's all about the treats!


Jenn said...

They are so cute ! Now go answer my question woman ! haha

Jenn said...

I meant about the blizzard haha !

Scott W said...

Poor pig. Losing its ears like that.

I have to say you have a great view from the front porch.

Trailboss said...

Indeed we do have a nice view. In fact I think I will take some shots from the porch and post them.

Bill said...

Splendid photo story!

dAAve said...

Nice pix.
I no longer sniff leftovers.

Pony Girl said...

Those pics tell a great story. The lab I dogsit, Abbie, loves those pig ears. I give her one when I leave for work in the morning. She holds it and waits until I leave, then I am sure she promptly devours it.
I can't look at the pig ear too long or I kinda get grossed out, lol!