Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Bovine Neighbors

I love living in the country. I believe I have said that a time or two on this blog. I have shared my equine neighbors so to be fair I thought it would be the right thing to do in sharing my bovine neighbors with you. Actually I have wanted to get pictures of these creatures for weeks now but since they run on over 200 acres it was just yesterday that I was able to snap some shots as they lounged around in the shade beside the road that leads to Kansas.

My neighbors, Mr and Mrs Cannon have a Texas Longhorn Cattle ranch. They used to have lamas also but critters kept killing the babies so they sold them all.

This little guy has little spike horns. Aren't they cute?


These two look like I interrupted their gossip session!


Did someone say gossip?



Dang that tree makes a good scratching post. Of course I could always use my extremely long horns too!


This one is so precious I had to take 2 pictures of him.


My husband has befriended Mr and Mrs Cannon. They are a very sweet couple that have been married about 130 years! The sad thing is they only have one son (no daughters) and he lives close by but apparently never visits or calls them. It seems to be a very strange situation, one that I really don't want to be involved in for sure. They have only one grandchild also. He is strung out on whatever he can get his hands on and has taken great advantage of his grandparents. For years they gave him whatever he needed or wanted and for that he steals from them and sells it to get money for drugs or whatever he wants. There are times that they fear for their lives around him. Can you imagine? Being afraid that your own grandchild could or would do something to harm or even kill you?

It is a sad thing to see when children don't appreciate their parents or grandparents. I can't imagine not respecting my parents. It was just a given in those days. But now things are different for too many young people. There are so many people, young and old and in between, that abuse drugs and alcohol. It makes me wonder what will things be like when my daughter has children. What about them? Will the world be so filled with people that don't work, don't take care of their kids, don't vote, don't care about anyone except themselves. It really is a spooky thought.

I didn't mean to get on a kick but dadgum this world is falling apart. Slowly but surely things are just not the same, not at all. I fear for my Abby and what life will be like for her. It scares me to death.


Bill said...

Try to only let yourself get scared half to death.

Thanks for the cow pics. The little one in the bottom photo looks just big enough to roast.

Trailboss said...

Watch out Bill. So will be on you about that meat item.

Zane-nawwaa said...

It's so good to see a bit of Texas in your parts. (Texas Longhorn)
Think of all the beautiful people you know. Like yourselves, we are everywhere. The bad get all the press. What neighbors have great families? You and So aint so bad.
Luving you and yours.

Scott W said...

I am sure every generation says that same thing. Times change. We have to be smart to make it through living in this sometimes rough world.

Bill, don't eat the cows.

Karen said...

I worry about the world my kids and grandkids will be living in too. But, Scott's right, every generation has the same fears. There are lots of good folks out there and good conquers evil. I believe that. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog:) I love coming over here and seeing your pictures. The country roads, your pretty horses -- and those cute little bovines. It's a breath of fresh air. . . Ha! Maybe not so fresh with the stinky bovine (teehee),

Bill said...

I'm making plans for that little cow, sharpening my knives, flipping through cookbooks.

Scott's conversion to a non-meat diet means more cows and food-borne illnesses for me.