Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vaccination time!

Joe went to town yesterday and picked up the vaccinations I needed for the horses. I was very late in getting them this year, bad me. I always give them Strangles, West Niles and 5-way. The 5 way has all kinds of goodies in it one of which is Rabies, a much needed item in my neck of the woods. We have raccoons, fox, coyotes and all kinds of critters that could easily pick up that awful disease and pass it on. Not to mention the West Niles and my gosh, the mosquitoes this year. Where did they come from? Anyway, they got them yesterday, actually my 16 year old administered them all. She has really learned a lot about taking care of the horses.


Yes, you two yahoos are fully vaccinated now. I actually took this picture a few weeks ago but I really like it. Damn, my babies look good even if I do say so myself. Now if I can just find a nice or somewhat cooler day to get a ride or two in before the heat of the summer hits full force I will be a happy camper. I just can't stand the heat this year. It is 'that time' in my life, sorry guys, that all women have to go through and let me tell you it is kicking my ass this year.

It is supposed to be in the mid 80's this weekend so perhaps I can get up early and ride or can even choose to ride in the evening when it cools off. Or both! I have got to ride Jones because she is starting to be a mare (which means a bitch) and developing some habits that I need to work on. When I got her and first tried her out she was not in good health. She walked really slowly, didn't care about getting in any kind of hurry and I thought "good, she likes my favorite gait.....walking." but now that she is healthy and has her weight back on she is full of shit. Does anyone have any ideas about working with her to stand still to be mounted? Also, she has started really shaking her head when being ridden. I have used 2 different types of bits, both broken though. I am thinking maybe a Tom Thumb might be better on her since she has such a soft mouth. I have one so I just might give that a try. My daughter's gelding has to have a strong bit so he can be controlled easier.

I need a round pen big time. I want to buy one so badly but I have spent so much money on everything for them, those of you who own horses know that it is not cheap by any standard of the word. I have lost money on top of money buying the wrong horses, then when I sell them don't make anything, in fact lose money. I bought a 2 horse trailer that I thought would be perfect for Dakota but hell no! He would NOT get in it. I know why he acted like he did and I should have known better. It was way too small for a 16h gelding. I need a stock trailer but I have not been able to find one in decent shape that is affordable.

Goodness, I sure did rant on didn't I? I have some new pictures but I have not been able to get my family off of the computer long enough when I get home in order to upload them. I hope to do that tonight.

Our garden is coming along. We have already starting picking banana peppers. I sense some Italian roast beef being made soon! Love it cooked slow with banana peppers and Italian seasonings. On a roll with provolone cheese.......YUMMY! We have some cherry tomatoes, well one, that Joe picked last night. I am going to make a very conscious effort to not waste anything from the garden this year. With grocery prices what they are I want to take advantage of all that is harvested!


Jenn said...

I like the pics too! If we lived out of town and had the space I would do a garden too even though I was so sick of working in it everyday when I was a kid!

Scott W said...

Dang, that is a technical post. Except for the tomatoes. Gross!

Zane-nawwaa said...

Ghurl! The way you said she "administered" the meds sounded like they were suppositories. ICK! One cherry tomato -slice it and share. Oh yes, most important when will the roast be done. Sounds Yummy.

Heidi the Hick said...

I haven't done my vacs yet either. We aren't allowed to do our own here! It's okay, I have a good vet. I sure as heck can stick a needle in a horse if I have to though.

May I suggest a standing still idea? Start with only raising your foot off the ground and say whoa. Let her stand so she gets the idea that nothing bad will happen at mount time. Get your foot up higher each time, and when it goes in the stirrup, don't swing up right away. Stand there with the foot in the stirrup for a few seconds. Everything's fine. Then take your foot and and maybe let her walk a bit to blow off some pressure.

Whenever she jigs, go back a step.

When she's standing still long enough that you can get on, she might try to leave before you've even got the other foot in. Say whoa and back her up for every step she went forward without permission.

Then go back to the beginning! It shouldn't take so long this time. This might be all you get to do for a ride some evening but it's worth it. She has to learn that you make the decision, not her.

I know you can do it. Take your time. Most of my horses' bad habits are a result of me rushing through it when I could have broken it down into small steps, taken longer, but have it done right.

(sorry for the long comment!!!)

Pony Girl said...

That is great your daughter can administer the vaccines. My sister did it to my mom's horse once and her hand was shaking so bad the whole time, lol! She was really nervous.
A round pen would be nice...our arena is fairly small and it's nice to work the horses in it freely, and we don't have to run about too much.

pat said...
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BrokenHeartedMom said...

please let me know if you got my email. I did not want to leave your comment on my blog, as Ifelt it was private.
I LOVE your blog.I'm afraid of horses,and I always feel that they know it, and try to get me!But sure seems like you are having fun.

Bill said...

ONE cherry tomato, sliced & shared??? They must grow gi-normous cherry tomatoes in Texas.

Speaking of which, I have a bunch of fresh cherries and I'm going to bake a cherry-almond bread pudding. Put the Italian roast on, and I'll be right over with it.