Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Pond this Morning

Yesterday morning as I was leaving for work I noticed our pond was doing that thing that ponds do early in the mornings. I love these pictures.


It is a nice way to start the day I think. When I got home yesterday I was greeted by these two yahoos.


Dang Sophie, are you trying to bite my car to stop it?


Look at Annie's face (red collar on right). She looks so happy to see me! I just love dogs.


And back down by the pond playing all the time.


NOOOOOO! Don't get in the pond!


Too late, they did anyway. Someone please tell me why I didn't take a picture of that! I think I was too busy fussing at them to get out.

They finally did get out and headed back toward the house.



I was beginning to wonder if they would ever stop!


I think it's time to rest girls. Look at those eyes on Sophie. Aren't they a site?


I made them stay outside until they cooled down and dried off. But I have to say, this is just about what happens every day if they are outside. They come and escort their Mommy home. Isn't that sweet?


Kristin said...

What nice pictures. My favorite is the pond with the duck. Love your dogs.

Karen said...

Be-yootiful pictures! My favorite is the first one, too.

Buck said...

Such excellent pics, Trailboss! And lots of 'em, too... which is a Great Good Thing!

pat said...

I just love the area where you live.

MichelleSG said...

Demons, big slobbery cute demons! Love the pond, I love it when it does that fog/mist thing. said...

Those pictures are beautiful! You live in a wonderful place. Those dogs are so darling!!! Great blog!

Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets said...

Hey found you on a comment page!(I love your name!)Great photos of the pond! I love misty mornings! We live in a beautiful valley with a creek running through it. I love to wake up to the mist rising from the creek!

Pony Girl said...

Those pond pictures are very peaceful. Until the dogs jumped in, anyway! ;)
Love those doggy eyes....

Jenn said...

I love them but you already know that since I say it everytime I see them,haha!

Pam said...

I like my men heavey, and my dogs with flappy lips. I love your flappy lip dogs....I'll need to see a picture of hubby to see how big he is....and if his lips are flappy.

Trailboss said...

Me too Pammy. My horses are a bit flappy lipped too. Especially when they get a strange taste in their mouth and they turn up their upper lip. Talk about funny!

Anonymous said...

I love your dogs. Our neighbor has 3 puppies and I'm trying to talk my husband into getting one!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Heather said...

I am a huge dog fan also. We had a white Boxer, Otis, for 6 years. We just had to put him to sleep on March 17th. We found out he had cancer and he did good for about 6 weeks, when he stopped eating we decided it was his time to go. It sucked. We miss him very much.

I love how your dogs play together. Very cute!

Bill said...

The pond in the morning mist is so serene. It must be hard to leave it to head to work.