Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All Wrapped up and Nowhere to Go

Stephanie had some fun at Sophie's expense the other evening. This poor dog will let you do anything to her and she is perfectly happy with it. Boxers are such great dogs.


What? May I help you blond child?


So we're playing dress up Blondie child?


I might just need a nap before we start this.


I wish Abby was here, she would snatch up this 'pink' blanket and I wouldn't have to worry about that blond kid embarassing me.


Great! Now my sister saw me and wants to wear the robe.


See blond child, I am protecting the robe at all costs.


How Rude!


Jenn said...

Cute! I put my blogspot up for you to see!

Jenn said...

I thought he was your son too or you were his aunt or something!

BHM said...

these dogs are adorable, and I don't even like dogs (or horses).
Why am I here? Oh yeah,I like you.

Trailboss said...

lol Jenn.....he is my oldest brother! ha ha

Pony Girl said...

I just love those wrinkly scrunched boxer faces!

Bag Blog said...

I love the Boxer pics. I babysat a friend's Boxer not too long ago. He played with my Great Dane until they were both worn out. My daughter ( posted pics of my grand-daughter dressing up our kitten. What fun it is to dress up animals!