Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun Day!

Guess who I got to spend time with yesterday! You guessed it, the LOML Abby! We had such fun together. She makes me smile like I have never smiled before.

I went to town and fetched the little bundle of joy to the country for the day. When we got home she decided to spend some quality time with Annie and Sophie. After all, someone has to scratch their backs right?


I think she decided to inspect how Sophie was chewing on her bone instead of scratching her back.


And one must not forget about one's self either!


Just as she was looking out my bedroom window to spy the golf cart we heard the door open. Who could it be?


It's Papa Joe!


And Aunt Sissy!


I love you Papa Joe!


After all the greetings took place Abby went back to the duty of scratching the dogs back but then she spied my camera. My new Cannon "big girl" camera. She started taking pictures and oh my, what was I to do? I thought real quick and ran to get the back up digital camera and gave her that one. She and I proceeded to take photos of each other (I forgot to download the ones she took of me).

"Graaaaaaaaaaandmother, how does this thing work?"


"I will not take any more pictures until you tell me how to work this Grandmother. It's not like the one I have at home."


I didn't have to show her after all. Since she is the smartest child, not to mention the most beautiful thing that ever walked planet Earth, she figured it out herself!


If I could just get this.................




"There.......I got it Grandmother!"


Yes my precious, can you see me? Of course not because that is not how you use a digital camera but that's ok. Note she has chocolate pudding on her mouth. She wiped her face 'like a lady' just like I have taught her but she didn't get it all. She saved some for later!


Look at those eyes! Oh my! No wonder this girl melts my heart. We ended up going on very long golf cart rides on the road. Abby kept asking where our 'home' was. We had a blast. We looked at Paper Pecan trees, cows, posion oak (don't touch it makes you itchy itchy) and all kinds of things along the country roads. Since it was Father's Day we couldn't keep her all night, after all she has a great Daddy and he might have wanted to spend some time with her so about 3pm I packed her up and headed back to town. When we pulled in the driveway she barely had time to greet her Momma before her "boyfriend" Rady (next door neighbor and first love) appeared at the chain link fence. Grandmother and Momma were quickly forgotten after that. But it was ok because I had a grand time with the LOML and already look forward to the next time. I am a lucky girl!


pat said...

Truly adorable.

Scott W said...

All children, everywhere, should be loved as she is.

BHM said...

My daughter is 27,getting her masters,now she is talking about a Ph.D.She has a wonderful hubby,but does not want to have kids till she is "done with school".
When am I gonna my grandkid,damnit?