Friday, June 20, 2008

Trip to the Beach

Joe took Stephanie, her friend Nicki and Steph's boyfriend, Greg, to the lake the other day for some swimming and fun in the sun. I opted not to go. I stayed home in the a/c and enjoyed a day to myself.

Greg decided to wear Steph's little shirt for some odd reason. Isn't he silly looking? But he doesn't care. That is one thing I like about Greg, he is himself and if someone doesn't like it so be it. He doesn't put on airs.


Look at Nicki laughing but Greg doesn't care!


Don't they make a sweet couple?


They have the same color of ice blue eyes.

Stephanie didn't take very many pictures at the beach. Just a couple.


Nicki calls me Mom and Joe Dad. Isn't that nice? She is a sweetie. They had a grand time and apparently the ride home was just as much fun, at least if these pictures are any indication!



I was tickled that they had a grand day. But just as tickled that I had some alone time. I don't get enough of that but it is ok. I would rather have my life like it is filled with drama and silliness than be alone. I don't think anyone truly want to be alone for any length of time. I know I don't.


Amy said...

I can completely identify with the life filled with drama!! When my kids are gone, I enjoy the quiet time, but I'm usually ready for the noice and drama when they get back! I miss the constant changes that go on around the house when they are there - creating their havoc. It's a form of craziness that I love! LOL

dAAve said...

As always, good pictures.
The beach has trees?

BHM said...

Teenagers, they are so much fun when they are behaving!

My husband is a talker, I'm the alone time one. I'm enjoying one of those alone times right now!

Trailboss said...

This beach has trees Dave. It is on Kentucky Lake just past the dam. There is a lodge there and boat ramps etc. I would prefer a pool myself but the beach is free so that is hard to beat!