Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today is Saturday. My favorite day of the week.



Hello you purty girl


Last weekend I posted some pictures of a couple of storms that hit my area. I took these pictures in between the storms.


I don't really like hummingbirds because they are so aggressive. They will swoop down and pretend to attack. But my husband likes to put the sweet water out for them so I put up with them.


Scott W said...

I like those little birds. Fascinating creatures.

Trailboss said...

did u know their little wings flap 1000 times per second?

BHM said...

Such serenity. You're piece of paradise for sure.Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by earlier this week. I loved all of your pics. I am so jealous, my squash barely has flowers on it. I would love your squash cassarole recipe if you ever get a chance to e-mail it to me. As for the cukes, well, my grandma would make a salad of just cucumbers with vinegar and oil and salt and pepper. She would peel the cukes and run a fork down the side lenthwise all the way around the cuke and then slice them, makes them look like flowers. My other grandma would make creamed cumbers. Slice real thin, spinkle with vinegar,salt and pepper, then add sour cream and let sit in the fridge for a few hours before serving. You may already know of these recipes, but thought I would mention them anyway just in case. Bread and butter pickles are really easy to make too. I use the recipe in my "Fanny Farmer" cookbook.

Pam said...

My youngest daughter caught a hummingbird in flight when she was a little girl. It was amazing

Karen said...

You sure take pretty pictures! The ones of the moon the other day were just beautiful. Wish we lived closer, I'd love some of that squash.

Anonymous said...

Hummingbirds only come through my area in the late summer for about a week. Last summer was the first one I'd ever seen in person. I was so excited. Hopefully it'll come back again.