Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Rib?

Stephanie was taking random shots with my camera yesterday evening. She took about 6 pictures of her boyfriend, Greg's, broken watch. She gave it to him for Valentine's Day. He thinks it is worth a lot of money and she never told him different but never did confirm that it was a cheapo. But that's OK cause that isn't lying, at least in my book. Oh, sorry, I got carried away with the watch pictures. Anyway, in one of the random pictures this is what she captured.


I have no earthly idea what was playing on the television. I do know that the caption button is stuck on so I am unable to rid myself of them. Joe wants to buy a new TV but I say let's just keep this one, it works but the volume only works now from the set itself. I don't mind getting up and lowering or raising the volume on occasion. We did it all of the time as kids so what is the big deal? Well, there I go again, getting off on another subject....sorta. If you read the caption in the picture it is a really strange line don't you think? Mister, can you please spare a rib? What in the world could that be? Is someone making a woman like God did with Adam? And it has musical notes beside it so it must have been someone singing. The mystery continues. Of course now that will drive me crazy and I will never know what it meant. Stephanie sure didn't know. In fact the other day when I was taking pictures of the beef in the crock pot items she said I had lost my mind. She said the next thing I will be doing is taking pictures of the tomatoes as they ripen. Hey, that's an idea.


This one just isn't right!


Can you say John Holmes?

Actually I had already taken pictures of the garden. Just don't tell Stephanie ok? She might line me up for assisted living or something like that!


Jenn said...

Hahaha ,I looked at the pictures and wasn't really reading and I looked at the baby and back over and I thought it said ...This one is just right! I was thinking OMFG it's kinda long, then I read it and seen I'm blind hahaha. I am way too dirty minded and I guess it's worse when I need sleep.

Scott W said...

Well, I googled 'mister, can you please spare a rib' and all I got was a link back to this post!

pat said...

Ahhh, John Holmes is growing mighty fine in the garden.

Bill said...

The television was tuned to the musical version of All About Eve.

Who is John Holmes?

Trailboss said...

Seriously Bill? How do you know that? As far as John Holmes, just google it and look for adult film stars.

Pam said...

John Holmes? Hmmm I don't know...I was thinking Frank Linder...but you probably don't know him, we dated years ago. ;)

Scott W said...

I would say Beau Anderson. Open wide for chunky!

Bill said...