Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trails n' such

While on the golf cart the other day I took a couple of pictures around the property. These two are of the side of a wheat field that we ride on when we leave our property, that is when we don't go via the road.

This is the cut through that Joe made so the equines could maneuver it easily.


The wheat fields.


The wheat fields are now brown and ready to harvest. We should be hearing the sound of the large John Deeres soon.

I think Joe did a fine job of putting the fence up. Especially considering it was the first time he had ever done ANY fencing!


These next two pictures are of my neighbor's land. This is what we see when we look out our front door.


Love this picture of a nice little bird. Doesn't the barbed wire look neat?


Greg was putting up the fencing and Steph was helping. It's nice to have strong backs around the house sometimes.


OOPS, what is that in my 16 yr old dauther's hand? Could it be, is it? Say it isn't is a C I G A R E T T E. She had no idea I was taking this picture and to tell you the truth I didn't know she was smoking until I downloaded them. I printed copies and put them on both of our refrigerators in the house. I also have it as my wallpaper on the computer.



"Anyone looking at me? I want to smoke another cigarette." Damn that pisses me off. A word of caution to all parents with children. The ones that complain the loudest about smoking are the ones that usually start smoking. Both my kids do and I hate it. I know, I started young and I wish I hadn't. It didn't help that my dad put a huge ugly ashtray in my room when I was 16. Basically saying it was ok to smoke in the house. I mean I was doing it anyway, in fact So did too. But finally, after 32 years of smoking I quit. This September it will mark 3 years. I have never felt better, well, I have been thinner but I can breathe so much better now. I can only hope and pray that my kids will lay them down someday.


Scott W said...

On the 30th I will have 3 years smoke free! I cannot believe that time has passed so quickly!

Karen said...

You sure live in a pretty place.

Trailboss said...

Thank you Karen. We love it.

Bill said...

Waaah! I want to visit! It looks so purty. You took some great pictures.

It must be fun to have a golf cart. Is it electric? It's probably good exercise, too.

Trailboss said...

No Bill it is gas, they go faster....hehe. We use it a lot on 'the farm' we have a farm. I love to get on it and let the dogs run with me. I have to keep an eye on Annie tho cause she has a bad leg and arthritis really bad. Poor baby. But Miss Sophie, well she needs to run cause she is a bit wide. Actually I need to be running but I refuse to.

Trailboss said...

Just so you know, I knew that Steph smoked, I give her hell all the time about it but what do you do? She is going to smoke if she wants to. I know I did. But I still give her shit about it!

Jenn said...

That's good you quit. My hubby needs to and he better do it soon, he's good though and only does it outside and in his yucky car never in mine and not in the house.

Amy said...

I'm glad to know that I"m not the only mother of a MINOR that thinks she is hiding her smoking habit from me? LOL MY 17 dd has been smoking for about 6 months and I don't and never have... it just drives me nuts, but its not allowed in our house and she thinks I can't smell it... uh.. yeah... right? LOL I'm a NON smoker... the smell is HUGE!! LOL

Congrats on your decision to stop and live a healthier life!

Amy said...

OH I also wanted to say... thanks for posting about your dd smoking... it makes me feel like less of a failure... ya' know.. like I'm not the only one? IF that makes any sense at all? LOL

Heidi the Hick said...

Your pictures are lovely. And your kid? She'll likely give up the smoking in the future, once she leaves that invincible teenage phase of her life. Look at what a good example you've given her!

Zane-nawwaa said...

Makes me just want to the fields a-la-natural. Beautiful beautiful place.

Pony Girl said...

Wow, it is so pretty around there! I love fields like those, that just go on forever. You are lucky to have such a peaceful place to ride!

Mrs Mom said...

I think my horses would give their eye teeth (or MY eye teeth) to have fields like that to romp in. Hell, right now, we would ALL give my eye teeth to have it GREEN again here. Dry dry DRY in the Southland!

Thanks for putting up the pics to remind me what it is SUPPOSED to look like! ;)

Congrats on quitting. I never have, but Dear Husband does... and I look forward to the day that he quite too.... (Eternal optomist in