Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dorothy, We ARE in Kansas!

On the way home from work yesterday I noticed the skies were looking a bit threatening.


Even the neighbor's horses were moving toward the dry lot. Horses will generally turn their back to the direction the storm moves into.


I realize that the closer I get to my home the worse it was getting.


I really like that picture. Something about the dead tree and the skies is intriguing.

This was literally just across from the entrance to our driveway.


I scurried into the comfort of my home and battened down the hatches. It did rain for a great deal of time but the storm finally subsided and all was well. I did have to unplug my computer from the wall though. I don't trust power surge protectors.


BHM said...

great pics.My daughter & son in law live in Louisville, she is getting her masters at the U of K in Lexington. A couple months ago she got thrown out of bed by the earthquake!I'm calling her right now to see if she is OK!

Scott W said...

We need a storm to blow through here and dump some rain on us. It's too dry and there is too much pollen floating around. Send some this way place.

Trailboss said...

So, you are usually sending it MY way! I would if I could.

BHM, my oldest stepdaughter and her husband lived in Lexington for several years. We loved to visit especially during Keeneland time, hehe. They live in Ohio now due to being transferred thru their jobs.

Bill said...

Never ever trust a surge protector. Take it from one with bitter experience.