Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trying to find one

An AlAnon meeting that is. There are none in the town about 15 miles to the south. There are 4 per week in the town I work in. There are no AlAteen (not sure that is correct spelling) in the area which bothers me since I have a 17yr old daughter that would benefit from it.

I emailed So and he looked but came up with the same information. How is it in an area of 60k people there are so few meetings? And all of them are in the same building. I asked So if he thought I would benefit from online meetings and he said what I knew he would and that was there is nothing like a face to face. I agree. Plus I want to make friends so I have someone to call who is going through or has already gone through what myself and Stephanie are.

Do AlAnon people read the same Big Book as AA members? You can tell I am very lost and uninformed about this subject.

I will look online to see what I can find. Meanwhile, if anyone knows of a meeting I would benefit from in Paducah, Ky please let me know.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sorry to hear you're going through such a rough patch right now and hope things will work out for you and your family.
Good wishes for the New Year.

Bill said...

You probably already have this info:

Al-Anon 888 425-2666