Friday, December 26, 2008

Random pictures

I love pictures, did you guys know that? Here are some goodies.






Sorry, I should have cropped that picture just a little more on the left! But you can see what they are doing. Talking to Amy and as Abby says it "my babies." She really enjoys that.

She enjoys Sophie too.


Hi Grandmother! **sigh** I love being a Grandmother. Who'd have ever thought?


Bill said...

I'm just dropping by to say HELLO!
I was going all day yesterday since 3:50am, but today I slowed down & I'm taking it easy.
It looks like your family had a nice Christmas!

janjanmom said...

I hope she got the ring and I love that last picture of your granddaughter and Sophie.

hulagirlatheart said...

That last picture is a hoot! Sombeody likes SponsgeBob.

Spa? The last massage I had was at Medical Spa 7 behind the mall and in front of Sam's. A little pricey, but it was a great massage. If you need a good pedicure, call Cindy at Hair Designers on Jackson Street. I highly recommend her.