Monday, December 29, 2008

Saturday night dream

I don't know why some people remember their dreams and others don't. I happen to be one of the former and remember most of mine and let me tell you, sometimes they are real gems. Like the one I had this past Saturday night.

I dreamed I was in the military. The mission I was assigned to was one of protecting the people of a small, underdeveloped country. The people lived wherever they could. They would take over old buildings that had once been businesses and homes. And they were so resourceful! I was so impressed at how they could make do with whatever life threw their way. They were just happy to be alive and have their families with them. They were very protective and private as well.

The unit I was assigned to had to walk up and down several roads in this community and find the citizens in which to protect, but they didn't want to be protected. They just wanted us to leave them alone. But we were forced to go into their homes and businesses and make sure everything was being done correctly. The thing was though, we did not know the best way things should have been done. It was all so foreign to us.

Then, at the last part of the dream everyone suddenly was inside what seemed like a huge circus tent/city. There everyone knew each other and spoke the same language and basically felt right at home. That was where the dream ended.

It made me pause and think that perhaps that is a bit like the peoples in Afghanistan and Iraq. What if that is how they all felt. Our troops are there and in ways a part of their lives. We hear all kinds of stuff on the internet and TV about how we are not wanted, etc. Maybe we aren't. Maybe they just want to be left alone to run their own country. After all, can you imagine for one second how the United States would react to a foreign country coming to this country and trying to tell us how we should govern our own people? Something tells me they would be run out of our country on a rail.

I am not trying to write a political post or push any beliefs I have on anyone, I am purely stating the odd dream I had and how it made me think. Comment if you wish, or not.


MichelleSG said...

Very accurate dream, a perfect rendition of what the US does over there but you forgot about the raping and killing parts. Oh don't think that we don't do that over there just because we're Americans, as I understand it it's pretty bad and, for the most part, goes unchecked. Sad but true. No I don't think they ever want us there. maybe a select few do but for the most part no, they want to be left alone. And here's my political rant, I think we should leave them alone.

Grey Horse Matters said...

That's a pretty accurate dream. You were probably watching the news before you went to bed.
And I agree with you that most probably don't want us there.

Flying Lily said...

Excellent dream! Your subconscious mind is very lucid.

louisey said...

Loved your interpretation of this dream.

But I would also see this dream as integration of the psyche, the small undeveloped aspects of self and the dominant consciousness coming together under the tent.

That's just how I look at my dreams though!