Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday before Christmas

To quote a friend of mine............

Are you are work? I'm not........sucka! Sound familiar Pammy? I am off work until Friday. I took today and tomorrow without pay because we are filthy rich. NOT! I took it off because I didn't want to sit at work with nothing to do and also I wanted the time off.

Stephanie has her two lower wisdom teeth removed this morning. I will be able to take her now since I am off. That way I can be with my baby.

I talked to Abby's mother last night about picking her up after Steph's appt. She was all for it but when she mentioned it to Abby she said she didn't want to go! She put Abby on the phone for me to talk to her and she said "I don't feel good." I told her to go ahead and get in bed and maybe she will feel better tomorrow. She is so silly. She has really been testing her momma lately. We shall see if she comes out or not.

I got so much wrapping done yesterday. I usually put it off until the last minute. In fact, there was one year where I boxed up Steph's presents and she wrapped them! Isn't that awful?

I'm gonna leisurely get ready to take Steph to the dentist while you guys work away! lol I know, payback are hell!

**Steph and I are back home. She did great. She kept asking me the same questions about every 5 minutes which was funny. We got her meds filled and came home to a bowl of chicken noodle soup. She scarfed it up but not before many many laughs from me and her. The dentist deadened the area around the two teeth and we all know how that is. The numbness filtered to her chin and she could barely eat without biting her tongue. Her speech was impaired too which was hilarious! She kept losing her noodles from her soup down her face! We laughed and laughed. She finished the soup, took her pain medicine and is taking it easy. I was very thankful she got through it with flying colors**


Cat said...

I remember having my wisdome teeth out - all four at the same time - the bottoms were impacted so surgery took care of it all - It was wonderful waking up having my dad there - I was 19 years old! ha!

have a great week! Happy Holiday!

Lou said...

You are a sassy trailboss today.
Merry Christmas!

MichelleSG said...

I had mine pulled when I was...25? and three were impcated. I tell you what, the stuff they give you isn't supposed to make you go out completely but when I woke up the nurse was patting me on the knee. And she said,"You don't drink or do drugs do ya?". Of course the answer was no never and lemme tell ya, that was THE BEST sleep I have ever had in my entire life. I've gone under the knife several times since then and even that sleep was not as good as the sleep I got when having my teeth pulled. Tell Steph to take it easy,she's got a good excuse!

Syd said...

I'm off work until next Monday. It feels so good.

Natarojo said...

oooo lucky you! I wish I were off! Im sitting at work right now actually... grr. But I do have wednesday, thursday, and friday off. :) Ouch I had my wisdom teeth pulled when i was 17? It wasnt' fun. All 4 at once, I had to be put to sleep, and once the freezing finally wore off I was MISERABLE! I hope Steph doesnt go through the same stuff i went through with it!

Pam said...

I'm off work tomorrow thru Jan. 1st. YAHOO.
I love ask the same question over and over drugs!