Friday, December 26, 2008


I am at work today and I can't figure out why except my place of employment required it. We have nothing to do but I get paid so that is cool w/me. I was about ready to come back anyway.


Isn't that a sweet picture? That is a young man who is not afraid to show affection. He loves my daughter so much and look. It shows doesn't it? Steph got him a really neat shirt custom made just for him. It has Greg & Stephanie on the front and a picture of both of them on the back along with an I love you. Here he is opening it.



I think he kinda liked it.


He's a sweet boy and we are very fond of him. Mostly because he treats Stephanie so well. Plus she kinda likes him a little bit. Today is their "anniversary." They have been dating 1 year today. I hear tell he is going to give her something that is in a small box and might fit on a finger. We shall see.


Lou said...

That was a thoughtful gift!

MichelleSG said...

Very cute! So ya think he's going to give her a ring? Very exciting!

Trailboss said...

Yes that is what Joe and I both think. BUT, I have already told Stephanie there is no way she is getting married before they are both out of school AND they are both working. Greg does a lot of work here and there, as much as he can on weekends but Steph has not had a job yet. She will when she gets her license. We live WAY too far from town to be carting her back and forth to work. It's bad enough that I have to drive 40 miles a day!

Syd said...

they look happy. Young love is special.