Friday, December 19, 2008


It's Friday and after today I will be off until next Friday. It sucks that I have to come in that one day but I know myself and by then I will be glad to come in to work.

I got a lot of my Christmas shopping completed last night in one trip to Walmart. I love when that happens. I still have Abby to buy lots of presents. I need to go to Toys R' Us for most of what is on her list. I did find a really neat dinosaur purse for her. She loves dinosaurs and she is at that age where she wants to act bigger.

I took some pictures of some of the miniature horses I pass every day on my way to work. They aren't the best because I was hurried by motorists that kept coming behind me and it was cloudy but here goes.



This one has a donkey in it. They are great to keep critters like coyotes and wild dogs out of pastures. I have seriously considered getting a Jenny (a female donkey) for my pasture.



Aren't they just as cute as a bug's ear? I am going to try to get some pictures of the ones that are around the corner from my house. They are very pretty and wild as a buck. Every time I ride past them they get so excited.

That same day I got some pictures of neighborhood horses with their heads in round bales of hay. Some of you were wanting to see what that looked like after my post the other day.





Here is a picture of some round bales sitting in a field close to my house. These actually have plastic around them for protection. I really like this form of baling because you can leave them uncovered and they stay fresh.


This picture shows one that has been sitting in the weather uncovered. They hay is still good but that is why the horses drill their heads in the middle.


PonyGirl, that might answer your question about the outside of the hay and if it goes to waste or not.


Syd said...

Let's go jump in the hay.

Trailboss said...

Wouldn't that be fun Syd?

MichelleSG said...

Oh man those little minis are soo damn cute! I always wanted to own one. We affectionately call them lawn ornaments because that's what they would be if I owned any. I don't like riding horses (too scary for me) but I LOVE grooming them. I find it therapeutic.
Thanks for the pics with the horses heads buried in the bales, I don't think I've ever seen that but when I took care of horse it was all square bales.

Pony Girl said...

Those minis are so cute! I didn't know donkeys were protective? What is it about them that could keep coyotes at bay? That is interesting. Sorry for asking so many questions, LOL!
Thanks for sharing more pics of the hay. I really think that except for cattle, they aren't as common around here. Most of us use regular bales (I don't know what a square bale is, ours are rectangular.) It's too wet of a climate and I do think the round bales (or "marshmallows" as we call them when they are wrapped in white for storage) would go bad sitting on in the rain in our pastures. Except the stuff they dig at in the middle! ;)

Scott W said...

Abby would have a fit if you got a miniature donkey!

Natarojo said...

The mini's are adorable! And the donkey is just too cute! Maybe that would make a good companion for my mini.

Jen said...

Look at all the hay.....those horses have it made.....I tagged you in a meme and sent you an award...come see.

Trailboss said...

PG, donkeys are very territorial and will kick, bite and chase anything that tries to invade their space. I don't know why they do that but a lot of times you will see them in fields with horses and cattle.

Our square bales are also rectangular but for some reason are called square. It doesn't make sense!

The round bales are great because they always have plenty of hay to eat. Now if you have a horse that is too stupid to know when to stop and might founder round bales are not a good option.

I think a big round bale is the same as about 10 squares or so. No, that can't be right. It must be more like 20. Hell I don't know! I just know that they are easier and cheaper than squares.

Grey Horse Matters said...

those minis are just adorable little pasture puffs.

Zanejabbers said...

Are the minis the same as Shetland Ponies? Cute.

Rising Rainbow said...

Minis this time of year.....they have so much hair they look like little puff balls. LOL

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

OMG-That little one with the short little legs is soooo cute!!

I can imagine with all of the rain that you guys get, round bales do need to be wrapped. That helps to shed the water.

We feed exclusively from big round bales. Grass or grass/alfalfa mix. Ideally, we buy semi-loads of fresh hay every year. It don't take long for the outsides to get brown, but unless it is really dusty or moldy, we throw it on the ground for the horses. Gives them something to pick at, lay on or do what my geldings love to do-pee on it. Gelding are such sissies-they hate getting splashed when they are going to the bathroom.

Old bales like the second one you pictured is generally what we feed in the fall. Of course, that only works if you have a tractor and a large enough corral to unroll them until you get to the good hay. That we put in a feeder.

Of course, we have a much drier climate so there is less spoilage on the outside of the hay than there would be in a wetter climate. But pound for pound...they are soooo much cheaper to feed.

Trailboss said...


No, the minis are not at all the same as Shetland ponies. They are a completely different breed of equine. Generally they are just like regular horses only much smaller. This time of year they have so much of a winter coat they look like shetlands. You should see one that is show ready. It is amazing. Google it and you will see.

hulagirlatheart said...

I love horses in their winter coats. They're so fuzzy and cute. They always seem so frisky, too. Good luck at Wal-Mart. I was there today. Aye, yi, yi.