Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Fun

Despite not having my son here last night we had a grand time. It started with Stephanie having some fun with her niece aka my precious.





I love this picture. It is my two favorite ornaments of all time. So gave me the carriage on the left when Ryan was born, dated 1981. The heart shaped one with the cradle is Steph's, dated 1991.


Santa and Greg started getting supper on the table.



Looks like a little elf didn't like whatever she had in her mouth!


After a dinner of ham sandwiches and chips we gathered in the living room to open presents.

Naturally Abby went first since she was just about to burst with anticipation!


It was a dinasour purse wrapped in an empty tea box but the funny thing was that she wanted to know where the tea was!


Then she just started tearing into every present. Don't you love it when kids do that?



But she did get in some thank yous and some precious smiles.






I couldn't decide from the close-ups which was my favorite so I posted all of them!

This present was from Dakota and Jones and I think it was her favorite! She exclaimed "I have always wanted these!"



Isn't that how it always is though? The little $2 present is their favorite! After she finished opening the gifts she just had to put on her heels. I couldn't stop taking pictures of her!


She wasn't used to them and kept almost falling. I asked her momma if her insurance was paid because we might have a broken ankle! She had to go to the bathroom and as she walked off her pants started slipping down and between that and the pink heels we just about died laughing.



What great medicine it was for us all. Laughter and family all around. I did miss my son greatly but the laughter and love from the family helped smooth it over. Joe asked me early in the evening if I wanted him to cancel the party and I said "NO! That is just what I need, to have Abby here opening her presents." And it was. I fell asleep with my pups and slept well. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. For that I will always be grateful.


MichelleSG said...

A very merry merry Christmas to you, everyone looked like they had a fabulous time!

Andrea said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve!! How wonderful to be surrounded by family.

And I love those shoe pictures!! The kids always go for the cheap gifts! Those are the ones that make them happy.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day!!

Paige said...

merry christmas!

Scott W said...

Those are some fancy shoes!

recoveryroad said...

Lovely tree. Lovely pics, dog looks happy, too!

I'm pleased we're both sober today.

Merry Yule!