Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hay....Look at that!

For some odd reason I love the word hay. I don't know why, I guess I am a bit strange. The last time I picked Abby up from the city and brought her to the country we passed by a field of miniature horses and she said "Hay!" I said "what?" She said "no Grandmother, hay." She had spied some large round bales of hay in the field.



Like this one.


See the holes in the hay?



Everywhere you look there are numerous holes in the hay.


Now the horsey folks that read this will already know this but what the horses do is burrow their heads into the middle of the bale of hay for the freshest. As the bales sit in the weather they form a kind of outside protection and the horses know where to get the best eats. Our hay bales are under a tarp so they are protected but the horses still root to the middle.


Kinda cool huh? I would have loved this as a child. I never remember having any hay other than the square ones. I guess Dad knew that I would probably jump right in the middle of this and ruin it for the ponies and goats. Speaking of that, last winter Joe put Abby in the middle of the hay ring and that was a mistake because she wanted to get back in it immediately and every other time we went in the pasture all winter.


Scott W said...

I remember when you and I would take the trash to the incinerator and set it on fire, then we would grab handfuls of hay and throw them on and make screaming sounds like people were in there burning to death. We were the FIRE GODS!

Grey Horse Matters said...

And I love the smell of good hay too not just the looks of it.

Karen said...

Well, I learned something today. There's nothing prettier than a field of freshly-mown hay, stack, rolled or bailed.

Pony Girl said...

I have a question about the hay in round bales. Does the hay on the outside get wasted as it's exposed to the elements, since the horses eat into the middle? What do you do if it rains, will the rain spoil it? Just curious! We've never fed round bales and with the rain we get here, it'd be nearly impossible for horses, I think! :)

Bill said...

Hay is a nice word.
Tomorrow, whenever I say 'hey' to someone, I'll be secretly thinking hay!

Have you tried it? How does it taste?

MichelleSG said...

That is too cute, you need to get a picture of them with their heads buried in the hay holes! I worked at a horse barn once only we used square bales. Those big round ones were in the surrounding field but the only experience I had with those was when I tried to stop my wild horse by steering him into one. Didn't work....

Trailboss said...

PG, it depends on the horse eating the hay. Some of it is bound to be wasted as they toss it aside and step/poop on it but generally they will eat it down pretty well.

I will get some shots of them w/their heads in it. It is pretty funny looking!

And Bill, I have tasted it many times. It is not bad, a bit on the bland side. Perhaps a shake or two of salt and pepper? I do love the smell though.

Lou said...

Miniature horses! Lets see,let see.

Trailboss said...

Lou, have you never seen them? I brought my camera to work today but since we are supposed to have an ice storm today I doubt I can get pictures. We have some close to my house though so I can get them this week on film. They are so precious!

Syd said...

I loved to jump in the hay. Ha--I still do.