Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner!

We got a lot of shopping done today. I met Joe and Stephanie at the mall after Steph's driving lesson (which went very well according to her dad). We met at Toys R' Us and managed to find everything except 2 items on my Abby's list. We ate at Captain D's for lunch then Steph and I came home. Joe stopped at a friend's house for a bit.

I didn't even sit down when I got home. I was determined to get a bunch of presents wrapped and that I did. I got most all of Abby's wrapped and a couple of Steph's. Our Christmas tree was looking really lonely with no presents under it. It is now happy and content with several there now. I usually put off wrapping the presents until the last minute. I was pleased with myself that I completed what I did.

Tomorrow morning Stephanie has an appointment to have her two wisdom teeth taken out. One is growing in crooked and she will be put to sleep for it. Afterwards I hope to go and pick up my precious as it has been way too long since she has been to our house.

I am really in the mood to watch a Christmas show/movie. I did watch an Andy Griffith episode but that didn't last very long. I might need to rent some movies tomorrow. Blockbuster has a neat deal where many can be rented for a week. But I'm sure you all knew that. I am pretty much a video rental virgin these days. I can walk in any rental store and look at what has been out for 1-2 years and I haven't seen them.

There is more wrapping to do, I just need to get the boxes to do it. Had I had them today I really think I would have completed it all. I also have a few more presents to get.

It is so cold outside tonight. Every time I let a pup out to do their business I just shiver. I can't even imagine having to pee out there. It is supposed to get to 8 degrees tonight. Thank you but I will keep my butt inside and the heat on and blankets pulled up. Sounds like a plan huh?


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like you are cooking along getting ready for Christmas. Poor kid ,having teeth out right before Christmas ,though it is much easier with the new meds far less sweeling I had all 4 out at once when I was 26 ,looked like I tried to eat a football! Give her a hug from me.

MichelleSG said...

8 degrees? OMG no way I could handle that right now. It's in the 30's and I can barely stand opening the door. The sad part is the dogs ask to go out, I open the door, and they look outside. Do they go out? No thanks mom, too cold, maybe later. Wimps.
You hadn't done your shopping yet? Wow, you go on with your bad self, knocking it all out in one trip, dang!

Scott W said...

I am watching the Green Acres Christmas episode. I love that show.

Good that Steph is getting those useless teeth removed at a young age. I had mine out a year ago.

Jen said...

It did get cold last night. Wow wisdom teeth pulled today..that could be rough. I had mine taken out a couple of years ago and it took me 4-5 days to recover with eating normal....dont make anything tempting for her.
We are headed out this morning as well...enjoy your week off.

Syd said...

Stay warm. It's cold here too but not 8 degrees cold. Good luck for Stephanie with the wisdom teeth. It isn't very pleasant.

Natarojo said...

It is definately chilly out there! Today it has warmed up to about -1C as opposed to the -10C we have been dealing with lately. Which is not typical of this area! We are usually lucky to drop below freezing. Stay warm and good luck with the wrapping! I havent even started yet.... I have to finish my shopping up tonight. Time to brave the malls!