Sunday, July 20, 2008

Worming Schedule

If you do not own/lease an equine you might just want to skip this post. Or read it and be glad that you do not have to administer wormings to 1,000lbs animals who generally don't really like a tube being put in their mouth and something squirted in.

The following has been my worming schedule for the past 4 years:

Jan or Feb


March or April


May or June

Pyrnantel pamoate

July or Aug


Sept or Aug

Ivermectin (Binectriin or 1/8% generic Ivermectin)

Nov or Dec

Pyrantel pamoate

Every two months they are wormed with something. It seems to be working fine but I am curious as to others. What worming schedule do you follow for your horses?


Scott W said...

I skipped this post.

Trailboss said...

I KNEW you

Andrea said...

Oh!! Let me see here. I do the same with my horses as you do. We normally get the vet to do a really good tube deworming in May when we do all their shots. My husband things I deworm my horses too much, but when I first met him he only would deworm four times a year. Men!!

MichelleSG said...

Hmmm believe it or not there was a point in my life where I rode. My early 20's, in college, Wash DC area, english (damn postage stamp of a saddle). I rode a 21 yr old sway backed retired schooling horse named Little Guy. He was as short and as stumpy as me. Like trotting about as much as I did too. I think we trotted twice in the 6 months we rode and only on threat of death from our trainer. Both our deaths really. This one time we even cantered, oh never ever again, I didn't ride for a full week after that. The vet wormed him once in that 6 months I rode him, Ivermectin maybe? I found him downed in his stall and we had to walk his fat butt around for like 3 hours after that. I don't know what his owners ended up changing in his worming schedule after that but I'm pretty sure they changed something! He was very displeased.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

We are BAD horse people!! Our horses are lucky if they get dewormed 2X's a year. Okay, okay...some of them get dewormed twice a year, whether they need it or not-hehehe.

Since most of our horses live in very large pastures, we don't have the same problem with parasites that a lot of horses that live in small pens do-so truthfully, we worm in Nov-Dec with a wormer that kills Bots. The mares that are being bred and the stud get dewormed in the spring, along with anything else whose hair doesn't "look" right.

The horses that I do keep in town, in small pens, get dewormed 3X's a year and are fed a natural dewormer daily.

Lisa J said...

Thank you for coming over and seeing my site. I too love the boxer dogs and don't think I will have anything else. HOWEVER, having said that, there are lots of dogs I would love to have. I was raised with Shepherds, but I will stick with the boxers for now. I just got rid of two horses. We had four, never rode, and since we have moved and have no land, it didn't seem fair to make my parents take care of them. It has been hard on me, but my trainer is the one who took them and has a really nice family that is interested in them. I wish we had bought land, but it didn't happen, life goes on. Since we have retired (early) everything has changed in our lives.
It has been very nice meeting you and will visit with you again soon, boxer and horse lover means you must be a pretty good person!!!!

Scott W said...

You didn't KNOW...

Anonymous said...

I had no idea as I have never had horses, just like other pets, you have to take care of them. I hate the thought of parasites invading my critters!