Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Neighbors came a callin'

I got home Saturday from town and when I pulled up in the driveway I saw two of my sweet teen neighbors had come to see if Steph was home. The one on the bay horse isn't a neighbor, she comes and visits the other one every summer. I think her family has moved to our county though so I will probably see more of her in the future.


The young lady on the paint is Chelsea. She is a doll. She lives around the corner from us. Her mom and dad ride too. We have been on several rides together and it is always a blast. They were riding bareback that day, as you can see, and were barefoot. It reminded me of when I was young. I did the same thing.


Chelsea had her new beagle puppy with her. How sweet is that!


He seemed to be doing fine. I can't imagine trying that with my girls.....HA! Now THAT would be a sight.

I told them that Steph was not home and wouldn't be home until late.


Isn't Pearl a beauty? They bred her last year w/a palomino stallion but it didn't take. Maybe next time.

I love having neighbors that ride. It is fun to meet new people and see their horses. I love riding by myself mind you and also with my daughter but it is nice to ride with a group and explore new places. I sure will be glad when the weather breaks and gives us some nice days. But it is July and almost August. August is always horrible. The heat and humidity will make the paint peel off a barn. Until then I will have to be satisfied with looking at horsey magazines and such. Besides, Christmas will be here before we know it!


Lou said...

Taking the dog for a horseback ride..not don't that just beat all!

MichelleSG said...

Wow, bareback, with no shoes. I can't even imagine riding with out a helmet. I'd probably be laughed out of town for the helmet, not to mention the little wee postage stamp of an english saddle I was trained on. Never got to try a western saddle. Don't know if I could even lift one of those suckers. And a dog? Maybe the frenchie could take it, not the boxers, oh my no.

Trailboss said...

I have never even seen a riding helment in person! The western saddles can be a big heavy, mine is about 32lbs. I love it though.

I am sure that if you were riding w/me I would not laugh but I can't speak for my neighbors! We are just country folk.

pat said...

Serenity is the word that comes to mind when I look at these pictures.

Scott W said...

I am placing my order for some cool weather. Bring it on, but please delay the holiday season.

Since I am horse dumb, which is the paint and which is the bay?

And stop rolling your eyes.

Andrea said...

Awh yes, back in the day, when riding bare back and bare foot was fun! They both look so calm up there. I would be sliding all over the place! They must have some really good horses!! I love that she is taking her pup for a ride.
Great pictures and I would love to see you with one of your girls up on you horse like that! :) I think your girls would have to ride on the back. They are a bit bigger than that beagle puppy. :)

The Knutson's said...

We used to ride in our swim suits...and nothing else!!! How silly was THAT???

Oh hey, congrats on your award ;)

I also wanted to say that I do not know HOW you get good pics of your doggy girls. I tried photographing my kids with dogs today, and it was pretty much a disaster!

Trailboss said...

So, the paint is the spotted one, get it? The bay is the brown one. And I am still rolling my eyes.

dAAve said...

Cool pix.
That seems so foreign to the life I lead in the big city.
My neighbors ride too, but in a big SUV.

Kristin said...

The puppy with his little tongue sticking out is giving me the giggles! Great pics. We used to ride in shorts, no shoes. The crud on the inside of our legs did not phase us. Now, eeewwww!!

Syd said...

I had a 17 hand bay Thoroughbred that was off the track. He was a great horse. We did a lot of hunter/jumper stuff years ago. I miss having a horse and riding the trails but the heat here is too much. It wasn't as bad in Virginia where I had him as a kid.

dAAve said...

So REFUSES to go to a baseball game with me.

Zane-nawwaa said...

Great pics, as usual. I can just see the girls on a horse, Why not a bicycle built for two. LOL.

Jen said...

I have never ridden a horse. Can you believe that? I have always wanted to though. Your horses are beautiful.

Scott W said...

Dave, I have 'issues' with baseball games.

Trailboss said...

I am still rolling my eyes So. I think Dave is too.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Way cool pictures. Dan

Chef said...

What magnificent horses.... I would love to go for a ride on a horse!


mona said...

Does anyone live in a subdivision where there are several people who ignore the subdivision rules?
I do. No one is supposed to have those ugly fences on the top of their pools, and it seems that everyone in the sub with a pool
has one of those. My neighbor has one, and I have to look at that hideous thing every time I look out my window. Then there is my other neighbor who has three dogs.
The maximum number of dogs is supposed to be two. I wouldn't mind the three, but two of them are pit bulls who viciously snarl and growl and act like they are going
to eat my dog when they are outside. Even the owners scream at them to stop. It is very unnerving. Then one of the board members is delinquent by 3 years on the dues because she
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called and I sent all of those idiots on the board and all my lovely neighbors with the ugly pools an anonymous card. LOL I loved it. I know it sounds stupid but I feel better. He he he

Trailboss said...

Well Mona, I hope you feel better hun. Sorry to hear of your woes. Perhaps a move is in order.

J-Online said...

Happy Friday Trailboss! Hope you have some great weather and are able to ride this weekend. Jenn

Trailboss said...

I wish too Jenn but alas, it won't get out of the mid to high 90's until, well I don't know how long. The last time I saw the weather prediction is was through next week and it was all high 90's. sigh

Scott W said...

Maybe Mona was calling the dogs spoiled?

Pony Girl said...

I would ride bareback, but not without shoes! Even as a child, I don't think I rode without shoes! I know my cousins rode their ponies swimming, probably in swimsuits. I guess I was not guite as carefree as a child, LOL!

I don't think My Boy would tolerate a puppy on his back! One poke of those puppy's claws and he'd be out of there.

Cute girls and horses, too bad Stephanie wasn't there to ride with them!