Saturday, July 19, 2008

Annie Betty Jo Bunny

That's my Annie, well our Annie. That is her registered name. She is named after my Mother. My Dad gave her the nickname of Bunny on their first date because all she ate was salad. It stuck. All of her neices and nephews called her Aunt Bunny. I love that. Her first name is Betty and middle name is Jo. So there ya go.

I love that I picked just the right dog to name her after. Annie is such a sweet dog, so loving and precious, just like Mom. My brother has a Boston Terrier male that he named Bunny. Again after Mom.

She loves to take long rides in the car.




Such a sweet dog. She is very very special, just like Mom.


Bill said...

Was your mother hyperactive?
Because it seems like your brother's Bunny has that quality.

Trailboss said...

Funny Bill. No, not really. I am sure she was a lot like your mom. Duster and all.

Scott W said...

Sweet, reserved and not at all like the Tasmanian Devil my Bunny is.