Saturday, July 19, 2008

I won something!

Carrie in Kansas has given me an award. I have never won anything in my life, I don't think. I think it was sweet.

I am supposed to tag 7 people and pass it on. Let's see, there is always
Pioneer Woman who will be way too busy to accept
Pony Girl I love her and her writings. Such a pretty horsse she has too.
Good ole Bill with all of his humor and wit....he's great!
Patience - she lives in the same town that I work in & loves her 9 whippets!
Zane he's my buddy from Texas
Jen from Kentucky, she's great!
and my daughter Stephanie who rarely updates her blog!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations on your Award! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I appreciate it.

Scott W said...

You won the best sister award way back, lets see, in 1957!

Bill said...

I've always thought you are brilliant. And shiny, too.

I can't figure out how to stick the award you gave me on my blog. I'm not smark like that.

Anonymous said...

I always knew you were a winner!

Trailboss said...

Bill, I have to admit it took me a while to figure it out as well. Guess what? I don't remember how I did it! Maybe So can help you.

Jenn said...

Glad she gave it to you, I couldn't list everyone I love!

Pony Girl said...

Congrats to you, and thanks for passing it on to me, TB!! That is sweet of you!

For Bill, I usually just right click (for PC users) on the award, and, save it as a picture, then add the picture to my site like any other.