Monday, July 7, 2008

Sophie and her bottle

I think it is safe to say that Sophie loves plastic bottles. She finds them everywhere. I rarely drink out of one so where they come from is a bit of a mystery but you can believe it, if there is a plastic bottle of some sort within a mile of our yard Sophie will sniff it out and have her way with it.


Don't even think about getting my bottle!


Note her ears. My dogs have the funniest ears don't they?


Egads! Run Forest Run! Someone must be trying to snatch her bottle. Who could it be?


Hey, don't look at me! I didn't try to take the bottle!


Me either. I think Sophie is just being paranoid.


Geez, dogs.


Bill said...

Is this just a Sophie thing, or does Annie have a plastic bottle fetish as well?

Mary Christine said...

Oh my goodness. You will not catch me trying to get that bottle from Sophie! Or anything else for that matter!

dAAve said...

Definitely saving her a seat in PBA (plastic bottles anonymous).

Rhea said...

Sophie is adorable!! I love all the pictures of her with HER plastic bottle. What a funny bottle-love. hehe

I love dogs. We have a big lab named Annie who is the sweetest. We got her from a rescue organization a year ago.

Love the picture of the horse and your caption with it. too funny.

Scott W said...

Muggs loved plastic one gallon milk jugs. He would run and run and when you were just about to catch him he would turn on a dime and take off in the other direction. Dogs are such fun.

Andrea said...

LOL! I love their ears too!! I just love floppy dog ears!! I think it's funny how the horses watch the dogs play!!

Train Wreck said...

LMBO I know how you feel!! Diesel has started packin the bottle! He thinks its the greatest thing ever!! If he finds one with water watch out!! I was training him to ride in the back (bed) of my truck the other day. I looked in my rearview mirror, he was standing on my wheel well looking around at traffice with a water botle in his mouth!! Together now "Can you say redneck!"

Trailboss said...

Rhea my other boxer is also named Annie. She is our baby, well they both are. Annie doesn't obsess over a plastic bottle like Sophie does.