Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There ain't nothen better than a real bone!

I normally do not give our dogs real bones. I am so afraid they will splinter and pierce their innards. But, I have been doing some reading lately and real bones are much more preferred by the professionals. Joe loves to get the rawhide bones which are great for chewing, but Miss Pattykins tends to want to swallow them, and that is not a good item. So he bought some of those real bones wrapped up at the store.



Yo Mama.......yum yum


Tongue licking good



Meanwhile silly Sophie didn't know what to do with her tasty treat.


She has a habit of waiting until Patty finishes her treat and then she can tease Patty with hers.


But Patty could care less. She was chowing down on her bone.


Going to town with it


Look at those eyes......I believe she thought she had died and gone to Heaven



Daddy, you did such a good job!


Oops, was I chewing with my mouth open Mama?


"Heaven, I'm in Heaven"



Yeppers, I'm a happy camper


I am happy to report she did very well with her bone. I really don't know if Soph ever ate hers. I was too busy laughing and taking pictures of Patty I forgot to look.

By the way, we have decided to neuter Patty. I really wanted to breed her when she turned 2, but Joe and I have decided not to breed. The only way I agreed to it was for Joe to agree to buy another puppy in 2 yrs. I don't want Patty going through what Sophie did when Annie died. Plus we both want a fawn with a black mask which would probably not happen with Patty's pups. There is mostly brindle in her family tree so the chances of having the color we want would be pretty rare. Also, I think it makes dogs healthier to have them fixed. Maybe PetSmart would take back the bag of diapers I have already purchased!


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

I'm glad they enjoyed the bones. I was always unsure about them with our dogs.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a couple happy campers to me! Thanks for sharing the great pics!!

Scott W said...

Patty is beautiful! You had such good luck rescuing her, that would prove good in future pups I am sure.

Her Big Sad said...

I loved these pics! Thanks so much for sharing. They look like they were enjoying doggie ambrosia! Such simple things bring them such joy, but they bring us humans even so much more!! Your Sophie and Patty are such beautiful happy girls!!

Daniela said...

very very cute photos. I love Patty's facial expression. And you are right, animals do live longer once they are spayed.