Thursday, March 11, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

After I was through forever with the dogs (yea right) we decided to visit Jones. Well the dogs followed me up there. I had to scold Patty too. She ran right under the gate into the dry lot. Jones was feeling some oats of her own that day and it scared the daylights out of me.



"What are you anyway?" Patty asked.


I am a horse silly girl. And I can stomp you in a heartbeat and you will never be the same


But I really don't want to do that. I want to show off my trot



That was when Patty was a bad girl so I took them both into the house. After all, I was ready to see my sweet girl Jones.

Hey pretty girl. She softly nickered to me.


I drove the golfcart around the pastures as I love to do. She came to me when I got on the end of the dry lot where she has been for the winter. I spied some fresh grass in the field so I gave her some


She gobbled it all up as fast as I could get it to her. Then, just as quickly as she ate it she decided to take off like a bat out of hell.



I barely got these shots she was so fast! To think that it was only Dakota that ran around bucking and acting silly. HA! Jones has a few moves of her own.

It was then that I looked into the distance. Here is what I saw


See the gal in the green shirt? That is Chelsea, my neighbor whose dad bought Dakota. But why is she not on Dakota?



But you see, I knew why. They sold Dakota. I went to the horse auction Saturday night and ran into her parents. They said Dakota was trying to fight the geldings over and through the fencing and they were afraid someone would get hurt. I understand that completely but I wish that had let me know. I was shocked and hurt at first. But then they told me a good friend of theirs bought him and absolutely loves him. So, I guess it worked out like it was supposed to.


I have to say though, her new horse won't last. He is spooky and nervous. But I wish her well and I can't wait until this summer when I can ride Jones with them and hopefully Dakota will be there too. That will be a day to remember!


Syd said...

I hope that Dakota has a good home but am sorry to hear that they sold him. It would make me worry a bit too. When it comes to animals, I am such a sucker.

Trailboss said...

I have been assured the new owner will be good to fact he spoils them. I was able to talk to the guy that is keeping him for the meantime and a young fellow that knows the new owner well. They went on and on about how much he loves Dakota. Come to find out, he had only owned him for 1 week. Plus he is moving pretty close to my house so that is a good thing.

I am a HUGE sucker for animals. If I had my way I would have 12 dogs and 100 horses. I just love them to death!

Karen said...

Those girls must've been having lots of fun. When I was growing up, our town was so small and kids would ride their horses through the streets. I can't imagine that happening today. (I was never the one riding, I was the one looking on with envy.)

dAAve said...

Still looks like a tent.

Leann said...

I remember taking rides like that through the fields as a kid.

I hope Dakota has a wonderful owner and a happy life.

Callie said...

Especially love that last photo!
Hope you all get to ride together this summer.
Good to know Dakota has an owner who loves him.

Jan Blawat said...

When I have a horse (like a dog, or any other animal) I intend to keep it for its entire life. Sooo, even though I've had mares with really good bloodlines, I've only raised 1 foal every 20 years. What happens with their lives is so totally out of your control when you sell them or even give them away.

I totally understand why other people sell horses, and I think you did the right thing, I just couldn't face that myself. Tomorrow a.m. when I look out across the pasture with my 24 year old and 15 year old geldings and their totally useless senile goat buddy, I'll have it fresh in my mind why they're still there as pasture decorations.

Dogs have to stay out of my pasture, too. The younger gelding and the goat would have a field day playing "soccer" with them. I could always take the dogs out trail riding, though.

I'm glad you're getting some nice days, hope you get to trail ride soon.