Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spending time with my Jones

I have been a baaaad horsie mama lately. This coldass weather has kept me inside unless I have to go to work and come home. Of course, that is no excuse for not spending time with my Jones. After all, the poor baby is lonely since her studmuffin was sold a few weeks ago. I guess with that said one couldn't blame her for ignoring me when I first walked into the pasture yesterday.


Little did she know that I was packing treats. Carrots and sugar cubes.....yum yum.

May I have some delicious grain please?


But my sweet Jones, I have treats!



Well then, let me just come over and fetch those goodies.

I love you so much Mommy....and you are the best horsie mommy ever!


What a suckup!

WARNING closeup


After she enjoyed her carrots and a few sugarcubes I put her halter on and grabed the curry comb and a lead rope. She REALLY needed a good grooming.

She loved it as all horses do. I guess it's kinda like having someone else brush your hair. Who knows but every horse I have ever groomed always puts that back foot to relaxing and just about goes to sleep. Geez, who could blame them?



Do I look pretty Mommy?


I went ahead and gave her grain to her. I swear, that girl digs into grain like nobody's business. It's like she has to have as much in that first bite as she can.

While she ate I jumped back on the golfcart for a much needed ride in the wonderful 60 degree weather.

I went all the way around the pastures checking out any new grass that might be trying to sprout. Geez, I need some sign of spring! The next picures are taken from my absolute favorite place to be on our farm. The very far corner of our pastures.




Apparently the grain is really good



I don't know where our geese couples wandered off to but they haven't been back for a few days. I checked again but they were nowhere to be seen.


I just love having a pond.


I just think it is so neat to have it. I might just take up fishing this spring. I've never really cared for it but I might be up for a challenge. The reason I have never really liked it is because I suck at fishing. I never can snag the fish when they start nibbling. Joe has tried and tried to show me. Plus I can't stand to touch a fish. It absolutely creeps me out. I remember when I had my boyfriend's aquarium in my room after he moved back to Chicago. I was ok scooping out the little fish with a net but when it came to the Oscar named Amos, that was a different story. I got him into the bucket of water (I was cleaning out the tank) when he jumped out onto the carpet. I had to finally get a washrag to pick him up. Poor baby. That was when I realized that they were just too slimy and creepy for my hands to touch. I have tried in the past few years to touch them and had the same result.

I realized I had forgotten to give Jones the apple I had in the golfcart so I ventured back up to give it to her.



I think she really enjoyed it. Meanwhile look who came running to see her Mama




What's happenin....Mama?


After that it was time to go in and see my other babies (Steph was at the shelter in Mayfield). Patty and Joe. I enjoyed being outside so much. I hope the weather warms up like it is supposed to today so I can do more of the same stuff. Heck, I might even hitch a ride on Miss Jones. We both need it.


Pony Girl said...

What a beautiful day! Wow! Nice and warm. I'm sure Jones enjoyed the grooming and treats. Do you think she's feeling better adjusted with her studmuffin gone?
Yesterday we had beautiful weather here, but I didn't get to see my horse. I'm on my way now, trying to beat the rain from the clouds that have moved in. Enjoy your Sunday!

Scott W said...

I love the way Sophie's ears curl up when she runs!

Karen said...

I love seeing pictures of your property. How nice to be surrounded by all of that open land, and having a pond all to yourself!

P.S. I'm bummed because I deleted your comment on my blog -- by mistake of course:( My fingers got ahead of my brain and I hit reject. I don't like screening my comments, but I get soooo much spam and I'm not sure why?

fernvalley01 said...

Looks like a nice time, horses are sweet and they forgive our absencesso easily.

Leann said...

What a lovely day. I see new grass sprouting :-) Everything is in bloom here but we are expecting snow tonight. It will be pretty seeing the snow on the daffodils and crocus.

hulagirlatheart said...

Is there anything noisier than a horse eating grain? I think not.

I am lovin' this weather. It has been so good for everyone's spirits around here. Have you noticed more people smiling in the last week?

Trailboss said...

Indeed I have hula. Me included.

Syd said...

I remember those fuzzy winter coats when I was in Virginia. We did a Hunt Clip on the horses that we showed. Great photo of Sophie running.