Saturday, May 16, 2009

The weekend started

Abby and I stopped by the grocery on the way home to fetch some chocolate ice cream and sprite zero for Joe who's stomach has been upset for a few days. He always wants chocolate ice cream when his stomach hurts. I have seen it work but since he is a diabetic and addicted to sweets I am sure it is only in his head that it makes him feel better.

At the store Abby first wanted one of those cute little kiddie carts but then we spied the limo of all grocery carts. The one that is so hard to push and maneuver but I do it anyway for my precious. The one with the 2 seater car on the front.


Hi darlin. You look like you are in jail.


We got some popcorn chicken (her favorite) for dinner while we were there. She also spied an American flag that she wanted. It was ironic too because on the way to the store she was talking about how she didn't have a flag of her own and sure would like one. So, when she saw them I reached right into the box and grabbed one for her.



We checked out and came on home. Yall saw the pictures of the geese I took when we pulled into the driveway. After I was through Abby wanted to help me drive up the driveway. She got out of booster seat in the back and got up front. It was fun. She did a good job, but it would have been better if she had actually looked where we were going!


Gin said...

I love hearing your stories about Abbey. It gives me a glimpse into my parents' relationship with my kids. You can tell how much you two love each other.

MichelleSG said...

Aren't those carts a beast to maneuver? The kids always love them though so I figure it's just my arm workout for the day. So what if I end up bullying my way around the other carts. I'm such a bad driver...

Scott W said...

There was the magazine with the Jonas Brothers on it. She didn't care about that?

Jen said...

Miller loves these carts too....they are so hard to maneuver...