Sunday, May 24, 2009

Silly Annie

Most everytime that Sophie goes outside by herself Annie acts so silly. She loves to play when her sister isn't around. One of our favorite things she does is this. We will ask her if she wants to go outside, knowing that she doesn't. Then we go up to her and act like we are going to grab her collar. She shoots around sometimes in a complete circle and starts playing like a puppy.


She is looking up at Joe with those precious almond eyes.


Then at me.







All of the action shots were just too blurry to post. But she sure did play and play and play. You'll just have to trust me on that one.


Scott W said...

I trust you, sister!

Pony Girl said...

Oh, too cute! I love it when dogs splay their front feet and crouch down like that. I hope you are having a good weekend!

Daniela said...

I'm a believer. Way too cute.

Gin said...

She is too cute. My dog goes ballistic if we even say the word "outside". We have to spell it. We also have to spell "walk" and "ride". There is no calming her down if she hears any of those words.

Lou said...

Silly Annie, girl!

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

That's great. I'm glad she's doing so well.


Dusty Devoe said...

What a cutie! Rosie does that when she gets to go somewhere. She gets so excited.

Paint Girl said...

Is Joe putting his hand in front or above Annie's face? My OH does that to my cats, when he is playing with them, so every time I go to pet my cats, they think I am playing with them and attack my hand! LOL!
Annie looks like she is having a grand ole time! I love her eye expressions! Wow!

Jen said...

she is so funny...i love it when dogs play with us.

piglet said...

i bet she'd play really good with our sampson and sunday, they are silly too like your babies.