Thursday, May 21, 2009

The View

We have been spending quite a bit of time outside lately. The weather has been fantastic, sunny, low humidity, temperatures in the 70's. Awwwwww it feels so good too. I am taking it all in because I know what will happen next. Overnight summer will hit. The humidity will be so thick you can taste it and the heat will be more than this menopausal woman can stand. But for now this is what we see.



As far as the eye can see we see green. Lots of green. And I love it.



Our nearest neighbor is down the road. In fact there are only 2 houses on our road.


If you look really hard you can see part of it just past the trees. Needless to say we rarely ask to borrow a cup of sugar. And they don't ask us either. Not that I would mind. In fact we don't have many visitors from the neighborhood. Last year one of our neighbors knocked on the door about 8pm and the dogs went wild! He wanted to know if we wanted to sell our house. It was a strange thing. I quickly told him no. He said if we ever do decide to see to please ask him first. I said......OK.


Don't worry Annie. We're not selling the house.

My family has been very blessed. When we sold our house we had not even started looking for a place to buy. Suddenly this place came up for sale and it was a perfect fit. It is close enough to the city but still in the country. And it is perfect for me and my family.

Thank you Lord.


Gin said...

Your property is absolutely beautiful. It looks like it really was a gorgeous day when you took these pictures.

Syd said...

It has been really windy here but I plan to be out on the water this weekend.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

I live in the middle of a relatively large city, and I think it would be wonderful to live on land like you do. But then, I wonder if maybe I'd miss the rumble of the big city too much?

Paint Girl said...

You have an absolutely beautiful place, I just love it! Love all the green! I like how level it looks, my place isn't all that level and with all the underground springs, gets so wet and muddy, especially in a place that rains all the time!

Scott W said...

You couldn't be Trailboss and still live in the big city!

Bill said...

When I saw the name of this post, I was afraid it was about that TV show with the crazy women who should be making better use of their time.

Your place looks like a little slice of God's Country.