Friday, May 8, 2009

Huh? What? What is it? What's that? Come again?

What are these two up to?



Is that what I think it is?


We got babies!!!!! Finally. We have lived here almost 5 years and a geese couple finally got smart and had babies here! Three of them! Look




precious they are!



It looks like Mom and Dad are kissing!



I'll give you three guesses what my flickr account will be filled up with in the next few weeks. I can't wait to show you guys these babes growing up.


Bill said...

What a sweet little family.
Ask the geese not to invite friends to move in, though, or you'll have a mess of goose poop to navigate around surrounding your lovely pond.

Scott W said...

How fun and exciting!

Syd said...

I believe they mate for life. There are babies around here as well.

MichelleSG said...

Yes, they mate for life. We had a bunch at a lake near where I lived in MD. At the vets office we'd occasionally get one that had been hit by a car (they were not that difficult to treat but strong as all get out). It was really sad when on occasion one would get fully smashed in the road and you'd see it's mate out there on the side of the road all day long, not able to get to their dead mate. It was awful. That lake was way to close to a main street.
Those gosslings are adorable!!

Trailboss said...

Oh, that is so sad Michelle. We have another goose couple that has been hanging around for a week or 2. We might have more babies!

Lou said...

Is the guy on the tractor naked?

Trailboss said...

Oh, you noticed that huh Lou. Yes, we are both naked. We never wear clothes at home except when we have company.

Actually I looked at the earlier and thought the same thing. Joe is wearing shorts only but the way he is positioned makes him look like he is wearing his birthday suit!

Carroll Farm said...

I was thinking the same thing about that picture. :)

Jen said...

They are sweet little things....

Andrea said...

AHHHHH!! They are so cute!! Look how fuzzy and fluffy they are!! Babies are just so stinkin adorable. Cute Cute Cute!!

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Keep them away from turtles. They love to eat little goslings.

Cute pictures.


Paint Girl said...

That is so cool! Great pictures! Love the one of mom and dad kissing! The babies are adorable. I want some!

SouthernHeart said...

I love them...we have lots of those "families" here in the Pacific Northwest. My husband says "they mate for life"...pretty cool...