Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday fun with Abby

Dadgumit. We wanted to take Abby into town this morning to what was advertised to be a great place for kids. Prizes and magicians, balloons and games. It was supposed to be at the Kmart parking lot but after telling Abby that we were taking her somewhere fun and it was a surprise, we got there and in the parking lot were just cars. No prizes, no magicians no nothing. Joe and I kinda looked at each other with question marks over our heads. Huh? Wonder what's going on. We had some storms last night (I know this because rain blew in the house through the open windows and got stuff wet) so we thought that perhaps they cancelled it due to that. We drove past the church that was sponsoring it and no one was there either. Nothing. Nada.

Oh well. We told Abby what it was supposed to be and that we didn't know what happened but that something had happened and there was no fun place for us. So we went to Burger King for lunch.


Those are chicken fries in case you guys were wondering. I had to tear a piece off to see what it looked like inside. After she finished she went into the playground area for at least a little bit of fun.




Time to go Abby.


OK Grandmother.


After we left Burger King we decided to go by Wurth Farms. That is a local family owned nursery where I love to get all of my annuals. I wanted to get a few for my 2 whiskey barrels and I also wanted Abby and I to plant some together. We made the short drive there.


You sure you can handle that Abby? It didn't take long before she decided she could not handle it so I took over. Oh how I love going into nurseries like this.




We picked out our flowers and got on home.


The one on the end is a grape tomato plant that Joe picked up. She and I didn't plant that. But look what we did plant!


And this one.


Abby told me that she had never planted flowers before. I was happy to be the one that showed her how. She did a really fine job at it. A natural is what she is.


And with that I bid yall a fond goodnight. It is bedtime and everyone else in the house is sleeping.


Paint Girl said...

What fun! I love chicken fries!
Abbey is so cute! I love the flowers. They turned out so beautiful!

Scott W said...

She is growing up fast!

Dusty Devoe said...

What a fun day! I love nurseries too! Always spend way to much money. It will be fun for Abby to watch the flowers grow!

Gin said...

She probably had more fun planting flowers with you then she would have had with the games and balloons. She will always remember that you were the one that showed her how to plant flowers. The flowers you planted are gorgeous by the way.

MichelleSG said...

Well at least she wasn't too disappointed that the fair wasn't going on. Plus as far as I'm concerned planting is way more fun! I spent my mother's day doing exactly what you did, nurseries with the kid. I just love looking at all the beautiful plants. I don't want all of them (thankfully) because then I'd have to find a place to plant them but I do love looking.

Bill said...

Planting flowers with her grandmother...that will be a special memory. My grandmother loved flowers, too.

Jen said...

We were at Wurths Farms Saturday...its only 60 seconds from my house....we were there about an hour...I love it there.

Anonymous said...

i love nurseries too, that one looks very much like the one i go too. i reckon they all look alike. that last flower photo is exquisite. (i used a big word!)