Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lazy Blogger is me

I have been sleeping late and lounging around the house so much this week I have just been lazy. A lazy blogger. But I have enjoyed every second of no workie for me. I did manage to get my butt up for a while yesterday for some pictures. Heeeeeeereee's Johnny!


A walk to the pond wouldn't be complete without a picture of my babies.



I think Papa Goose is teaching babies how to eat from the pond.


I walked on the side of the pond where they were to try to get some closeups but they said no way human. I love to see them swimming.




This just takes my breath away. So sweet, so serene.


They are moving in this one!


My daughter was told that the only way to tell the sex of the babies is how they react when they get out of water. A female will squat or sit when she gets out and a male won't. Yall ever heard of that?

This is where they get shade. Can't say I blame them for that. If it wasn't for the snakes and turtles I would like to get under there.


More of my babies.


Wait just a minute. Why is there a fence between Jones and Dakota? That isn't right. After I walked up the hill I found out why. Jones had managed to get into the back pasture. I really need to mend that fence. I forgot all about it! I walked out and got her back into the dry lot. She had not been there too long because she only got a small drink of water.



Hello mean-ass. He bullies every single horse he has ever been pastured with. He's a sweetie though when it comes to everything else.


Gin said...

These are beautiful pictures! I enjoy them so much because when I look out my window all I see are other homes in my subdivision. Theses pictures remind me of home.

Lou said...

It's nice to spend time doing things you don't have to do. Enjoy!

Karen said...

The babies are getting big! So cute, I love seeing them swimming along in a row.

I thought of you today when a little girl in the neighborhood came by with her boxer pup. Is there anything cuter? His name is Rocky!

Jen said...

I just love the name Jones...I dont know why I just do...your weather has been better than I thought for you this week...enjoy the should be awesome!

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Nice pictures, but Canada Geese leave a real mess with their droppings and feathers.


Anonymous said...

So glad that you are enjoying your time off, doing whatever you want to do. I had the opportunity to visit your state of Kentucky over the holiday, Had a great time and the people were all very,very nice.

Paint Girl said...

Your on vacation, so don't worry about being lazy! I love being lazy like that!
Love the geese! The babies are getting big!

Pony Girl said...

Glad you are enjoying your vacation, TB! :) Great pics, your horseys look like they are enjoying that tall, tall grass!!
Wow those goslings have gotten big! Not sure about the male/female thing, is interesting, though!

Syd said...

I always enjoy your photos. It's okay to laze around. It's good for the soul.