Monday, May 4, 2009

A good time was had by all

Stephanie had a wonderful time at her prom Saturday night. She has had a shaky week and this was just what she needed. They started out with dinner at T.G.I.F's. I asked her if she took pictures and she said no, that she was having too much fun laughing with her friends. Awww, just as it should be.

Afterwards they headed to the high school for the big event. She managed to take a few shots but she and her main squeeze spent most of their time on the dance floor.

DSCN2188 - Copy


This is her friend Stephanie and her boyfriend. We call Stephanie ketchup because she eats ketchup on everything. I mean EVERYTHING! Steph's dad's dog Riley was named after her. His registered name was DelMonte Ketchup. Riley is her last name.


No alcohol was involved guys, just good ole fashioned teenage fun.

DSCN2190 - Copy


Her buddy Matt and his girlfriend Jennifer.





They stayed until the dance was over at 11:30 then went to Nikki's house. She got home around 2am and was exhausted. I must say I am proud of this young lady. She is a joy to have in my life. With all of the news of layoffs, murders and swine flu it is nice to have a weekend filled with fun and innocence. It's good for the soul.


dAAve said...

very nice

Jan Blawat said...

What fun! My son's friends hang around my house a lot, and I love it. They have "game night" on Mondays. They sit around and play Monopoly, Jenga, Fish, and bake cookies. It's mostly boys who have known each other since kindergarten, but there are some girls in the group, too. I love them all and wish everyone could see that there are some really great kids out there. Thanks for sharing yours.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet. Your daughter has the most beautiful eyes. Standing next to her beau she looks so in love!

Stop by my blog if you get a chance and read about my first horse show.

Karen said...

I couldn't help but smile at all these pictures. Definitely, a good time was had by all.

Daniela said...

What wonderful photos. These are times that she will remember for the rest of her life. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your comment!
Yes, I too am so glad that no one was in the way when that chaos broke out with her horse as well as mine as there were many little kids around. As far her telling her husband I figured that is her business, and after I found out how she has been keeping me in the dark...well, maybe that is just how she is. Last year Wyatt threw her and she broke four back ribs. She had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance.
Yesterday she told me it was not Wyatt, but Belle. I do not understand what is up with her, at any rate, no, it has not soured me from horses all together, just this one in particular. And serenity? I have never had that experience with this horse, it was always, what is he going to do now? That time on the trail ride he was constantly trying to run me into trees, if he was'nt doing that he was trying to take off and run. At one point he took off on a narrow trail and ran next to Terry and Belle and almost knocked her off. He's a clown alright! And the ground work thing? Yeah, even a novice like me could recognize that. I think she tries to do too much, and one person with two horses who is injured half the time.................. All in all it was learning experience for sure. Yesterday when I left she did tell me that she would be going to the doctor today, as bad as she felt last night, she should really be hurting today. She also told me that she would tell her husband, but I don't know about that. Thanks again, I just wanted to get back to you, and I don't expect you to publish this, oh yeah, I did not mind at all being called chicken shit all day either! But I really still wondered if maybe I should have gotten back on. Thanks for reassuring me that I made the right decision, I respect your opinion.

Paint Girl said...

Looks like everyone had so much fun! Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

Dusty Devoe said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful girl! It is so refreshing to see kids having a wonderful time without all the bad things! She'll cherish the memories forever!

piglet said...

did you notice those orbs in that first picture? they all look so good dressed up in their fancy clothes!

Jen said...

She looks beautiful. And they looked like they had a ball. Prom was so much fun for me...I loved them..

Carroll Farm said...

great pictures. genuine smiles on all their faces!