Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's been a productive weekend

I don't know where my energy came from this weekend but I sure would love to have it every day. I was able to get a lot of cleaning done, the deep cleaning that I always put off forever.

Stephanie had her friend Boni over. They really enjoy each others company. Saturday they decided to put up the Christmas tree. They really did a good job and had fun while doing it.


They got out all of the various Christmas items to decorate the house. We don't put out near as much as we used to. Also, since we will have a house full this year, including 2 precious toddlers, a lot of the stuff stayed packed away.

The girls also wrapped a lot of the presents. And what a beautiful job they did!




These two sure didn't help. Too busy sleeping.


We even had a visit from the big guy himself!


Anyone recognize this pose?


Look at Sophie trying to tell Santa that she has been a good girl. He had walked off and she was beckoning him to come back!


He came back long enough to listen to her and then he was off again


We finished the evening with a good supper of meatloaf, fresh green beans, roasted carrots and mashed potatoes. I even had enough for lunch tomorrow.

Joe and I both are really in the Christmas spirit this year. We are so excited that all of our family will be here. We can't wait!


Paint Girl said...

Your tree looks great!
That will be so much fun to have your family with you for Christmas!

Scott W said...

Looks like Joe is attempting to extinguish the fire in the fireplace!

hulagirlatheart said...

What fun!! Can they come to my house and wrap some gifts? Oh, wait, I need to start shopping first.

Syd said...

Nice...I like the tree. It looks like fun.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

The girls are welcome at our place to do some more wrapping.


Zanejabbers said...

I love Christmas. Enjoy.

Lou said...

You have your very own Santa. Lucky You!!

~ Tabitha ~ said...

Great pic's ;)
And productivity is a powerful keeps us wanting to do more.Then when we want to relax,we can actually relax feeling acomplished.

Jen said...

Just had to say I'm loving Santa in his blue jeans girl!