Sunday, March 1, 2009

I saw my son today

and he looked soooo well.
We have had a joke for years that whenever I/we see a monkey or ape on TV it is Bubba aka Ryan. I really don't know how it started but it is neat.

When Joe and I saw him today we gave him his choice of yummy Girl Scout cookies. Do Si Dos or Simoias (ex. sp. please).

The cigarettes don't work though. He quit smoking yesterday! I am so happy about that item. I reminded him that one craving only lasts 1.5 minutes. Joe had taken a carton of cigs for him but we left them in the car since he had quit. He actually had 2 packs left from the 6 Joe gave him last week. Sounds like a pretty good start to me.

Another thing. He is going to be able to attend Abby's birthday party a week from this Saturday. This will be the first time the family has seen him since he has been sober. He is so excited about it. Amy and the twins will be in town so he will truly be able to see them, well really, for the first time. The first time as a sober man. I told Amy tonight and she was thrilled as well. I'll be sure to take tons of pictures. This is a celebration of Abby turning 4, but it is also a celebration of Ryan back. I have missed him so much over the long months. But as usual, those things important are worth waiting for.

On another note, my neck has reacted in a not so good way to the tape that has been on it this week. When I removed it this evening it hurt quite a bit. I looked in the mirror and saw way too much redness and abrasion. I am going to keep it open tonight and have Joe put a large band aid over it in the morning. Then I shall call the dr's office and see what else can be done. I can not continue to apply and remove this tape that is hurting the skin on my neck so much. There has to be a better way. Perhaps a dressing that can stay longer than 10 hrs. I don't know but I want them to come up with something else.


Carroll Farm said...

So exciting that he will get to come to the b-day party! That must be so fun for you. It would be worth a double celebration!

Sorry about your neck. I am sure there is another way to treat it, there always is.

Dusty Devoe said...

Sounds like Ryan is really doing good! I am so happy for him and your family.Take care of yourself.

MichelleSG said...

Tape is evil! Both me and my daughter are allergic somehow. We can't even wear band aids unless they are the fabric type. Otherwise our skin gets all nasty and oozes and red puffy yuckness.
I am so very glad to hear your son is doing so well he can actually think and act on quitting smoking, kudos to him!!!

Pony Girl said...

Good news about your son!!
Somebody in my family quit smoking a few months ago and I am really proud of her.

Jen said...

So glad you saw your son. And it sounds like he is doing well.
Enjoy your week.

Scott W said...

Smoking is a nasty, disgusting habit. I hope that quitting isn't too much for him, it is advised we don't do anything like that during our first year sober. Some people do, I waited until after I had a year to quit.

How about a large turtleneck sweater with loose bandages? Or maybe just a large rubber band? I am sure the doc will have some answers.

Syd said...

Glad for you and Ryan. It all sounds good.
You might be allergic to the regular tape. Maybe try paper tape instead?

Lou said...

Trailboss, the excitement never stops there in rural Kentucky. You & your family make us big city dwellers look like amateurs!! Ha, ha, good to catch up on ya!

I can just imagine how proud that will make Ryan feel, to be part of the family..and sober. Life is a sweet mystery indeed!