Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pretties are better than bones

Yes, once again, that is what my babies told me. Joe bought 2 new ones the other day. He was nice enough to wait until I got home and let me give them out. Sophie got a bone pretty and Annie got an animal pretty.


Is there anything more precious than this?


Or this?


What about this? She is starting to get sleepy and that pretty makes a pretty darned good pillow.


Wait...this one takes the cake. Hands down, this one is the best.


What an absolute doll she it. She managed to get the pretty on top of her head on the love seat. What a silly girl.


MichelleSG said...

I LOVE those pictures! My Roxy only likes 1 toy. It looks just like that cute fluffy pretty pillow. She was a stray we adopted and I don't think she had ever had a toy in her whole life. We bought them for her but sh didn't touch them. Once we adopted Jayne (who is a toy fanatic) she figured it out but she still only likes that one. Odd girl.

Scott W said...

That white pretty won't be so white and pretty before long I bet. You know, you are allowed to cut off those do not remove under penalty of law tags after you get them home. hehe

Andrea said...

Oh I think your girls love them both!! I love the cute pictures of her head resting on her pretties!! Too cute!!

I hope you are feeling better!! :)

Syd said...

Cute photos. My dogs love their toys.

Bill said...

Thanks for my Friday morning Awwww!!!