Monday, March 30, 2009

Dogs are good for what ails ya!

While I was kinda laid up this weekend with my foot up, I was entertained many times over by my precious pups. First Annie found her pretty in the bathroom and played with that.





Then she decided to get in my lap. She does that every evening and mornings on the weekends.


Yo Mom....move over!


Cause I'm coming up.


They sure do make a gal feel better.


Bill said...

Does Sophie have a new collar?

Trailboss said...

No, she's our blue girl. We have been trying to figure out a new color for her. Perhaps pink?

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Adorable. Our standard poodle (but he's much larger than a regular standard, which is large enough, in my opinion) tries to get in my lap too. They're too cute.

Pam said...

The last picture is obvious.."can I go to pammies house for the afternoon please?"

Syd said...

Dogs are totally great. The photos make me smile.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Cute dogs

Anonymous said...

Trixie had a pretty like that but it only lasted about 5 minutes until she had the stuffing pulled out.

Trailboss said...

That is why Sophie never has one. We buy equal pretties but Annie plays w/hers and Sophie tears hers up in about 24 hrs. See how she is looking longingly at Annie's pretty? Silly girl.

Scott W said...

I love how Pammie can read their minds.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Good dogs.


Dusty Devoe said...

Sorry to hear about your gout. You take care of yourself and get better soon! As usual, two cutie pies!