Friday, July 24, 2009

Bicycle riding for the brave

Last weekend Abby rode her bike quite a bit. She has finally graduated from her tricycle to her kiddie bike with very sturdy training wheels. I thought she would never stop riding the 3 wheeler.


Uh, well never mind. She spent a bit of time on her tricycle first. She was moving lose dirt from the edge of the patio to the planter by way of the back of it. Using a spade she lifted the dirt up and put it on the back 'shelf' of the tricycle, therefore being able to transplant it into the whiskey barrel planter.








Doesn't anyone want to play with me?


After all, I have a bottle and would love to play keep a'way.


Poor Sophie. No one payed any attention to her so she ran on down where we were sitting around the table.

Pretty soon Abby grabbed her bike and took off.


Guess who joined in. Yes, it is Joe.....aka Papa Joe. He rode and wobbled and rode and barely missed planters and posts. I must say, it was very entertaining.


Annie chased and barked after him at first. She petered out pretty quickly though.


Sophie still has the bottle in her mouth and is still trying to get someone to play with her. It is sad folks, really it is.


In case you are wondering what bottle Soph has it is an empty 2 liter.


Gotta use a little foot action for braking purposes.


Oops, it looks like that planter just jumped out in front of him doesn't it?


Can you believe Sophie still has that bottle in her mouth? She is so funny.





I don't know what you guys think but I say Joe is looking a bit shaky in this one!


Oh yes, we watched and laughed. But the good thing was that Joe was laughing louder than anyone. Because he can and will laugh at himself.



We were especially tickled when he got into the grass. He wobbled quite a bit.



Sophie managed to drop her bottle somewhere along the way.

I don't know how yall spend your evenings but this is what we did a week ago tonight. It was just the start of a wonderful weekend.

Tonight Joe is in Ohio with my grand babies. He had a great day with them. Tomorrow he and my son-in-law Jeremy will take the girls grocery shopping and give Amy more time to rest and continue making our newest grand daughter. She'll be arriving in the world before we know it.


Bill said...

There's a dog butt in that third picture.

You place looks great. I love seeing the wide open spaces from your porch.

Scott W said...

I think you need a new video camera and editing equipment. That would have been such a good video!

Now, it's about Steph smoking...

Jen said...

Miller asked me one day if I knew how to ride a bike. It occurred to me he had only seen Madison and Scott ride I laughed and said yes so we immediately went on a bike ride.

We took the kids last night to Maggies and Catfish Kitchen..Millers first time...he LOVED it....great places for summertime.

hulagirlatheart said...

Ha! My 6'4" husband had a very similar experience this weekend with a kid's dirt bike. I was SO sorry I didn't have my camera handy at the time.

Syd said...

Funny photos. I remember my trainer wheels. I didn't like them. My knees were forever skinned up from bike riding.

heavy d said...

bikes and boxers are my two favourite thinks this time of year. great pics TrailBoss! beautiful home. i need to learn how to post pics of my Floyd on his blog..