Thursday, June 18, 2009

I just about died!

Not really. When I came into work today there was a tragedy. I mourned most of the morning. You will never guess what it was. I'm telling you it was awful. MY INTERNET WAS DOWN! I couldn't post or read posts or check my personal email. It was horrible! It's up now (duh) and guess what the first thing was I did. Work? No. Check my personal email and post. Hee hee.

I wanted to show you guys the only Texas Longhorns left at Mr and Mrs Cannon's house. As I told yall last week or so, they sold all of their herd except for 7. I already miss seeing them out in the pastures. I loved to stop and talk to the little calves. They would look at me like I was crazy and then scamper off. Sweetness. Anyway, here are the pictures.


That fence needs to be mended. I'll have to tell Joe. He likes to help them. We're like State Farm.


That big boy's name is Kid. He is 23 yrs old. The Cannons have owned him since he was quite young and they will never sell him. I love those long horns...get it! Oh my, I am full of it today.



I need to get better pictures of the little babes.


Here is their house. See how far it sets off of the road?


Here is a closer shot.


I like their house. It is simple and practical.

On another note did I tell yall that the geese family moved?


The babies were growing up quick and I guess it was time. I wish that they had checked with me first though. I wanted to get some more pictures of the babes in all of their goose glory. There were looking more and more like their mommy and daddy. I hope they come back when they grow up. I will surely let you know.


MichelleSG said...

Wow Kid is beautiful! I love looking at cows, it's still a novel experience for me. I'm sure they have them in the suburbs of San Diego somewhere but I grew up on the beach. No cows on our beaches.

Pony Girl said...

Don't you hate it when technology fails? We're so dependent on it these days! :) I love the peacefulness of your neighbhor's place.....and their longhorns are cool. I have never seen one in person. I just can't imagine that they carry those horns on their heads! 23 years is pretty old. I just learned recently that an Orca whale can live to be in the 90's. Isn't that amazing?

Syd said...

That old bull longhorn is something else. I'm glad that they will keep him.

Paint Girl said...

I love longhorns! Like Pony Girl, I have never seen one in person. I guess we don't really have any of those around these parts!
The geese sure have gotten big! Too bad they moved on!

Daniela said...

You had me worried for a minute. WE do "heart" our internet don't we.

I am in love with those longhorns. I'm glad they are keeping that old guy..xoxo

Scott W said...

Remember when we would get up on top of Mam Maw's house and moo so the cows would come to the fence. They never looked up, guess they just aren't smark that way!

Take away just about anything, but same me my internet connection!

Carroll Farm said...

Remember when we didn't even have CELL PHONES - it is sure sad the way we are dependent. If our internet goes down, hubby just about has a heart attack - he is OCD and it throws off his whole day!

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Nice pictures. I really like longhorns. They're so symbolic of the West. We have a small herd of longhorns here in Corrales, New Mexico.


dAAve said...

I'm just glad you didn't die. I knew you didn't because I could see you had typed something.

Zanejabbers said...

Those Longhorns brought a song to mind:

Oh and I know the tragedy of the internet being down or not being able to use it etc. etc. I have a cell phone but it not working does not bother me. I wish for a simpler time.

Trailboss said...

Uh, Zane, that is deep in the heart of KENTUCKY! After all, I am Trailboss.