Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun in Mayfield

No, not the same Mayfield that Beaver Cleaver lived in. Mayfield is as close to us as Paducah. It is also where Stephanie goes to school and the town she calls home. Yesterday she and Greg, her baby, were going to a birthday party for a friends of theirs so I picked up Greg and headed to Mayfield to get her, Brandi the birthday girl, a present.


We stopped at a convenience store for smokes. Greg is only 17 but looks much older and can buy cigarettes.

Then it was off to Walmart to find a present. We got her some cute pj's. Tweedy Bird ones. Greg also bought 4 cans of silly string. He planned on having fun at the party.


As I had my camera out taking pics of Greg, this guy wanted his picture taken. So I did!


But it was when he was walking away and laughing. Greg stopped to try and win Steph something out of the thing that no one ever wins.




I think Greg is trying to ask Steph which one she wants. She is too busy telling me to not take her picture. She doesn't like me taking her picture. I don't know why cause she's a beauty.


She has the same habit I have had since I can remember. Twisting her hair. Honestly, if I had hair long enough I would be all about still twisting mine.




He gave it a valiant effort but still, no luck. Like every time we come out of the Dinner Bell which is also in Mayfield. Joe has to play this same thingy and has never had any luck.

Steph fixed up Brandi's present by putting it in a red bag with red tissue paper and a cute red bow on the way to Brandi's house. While they were at the party Joe and I went into Paducah to Friday's and had dinner. We also stopped in PetSmart where they had some dogs and cats up for adoption. That reminded me of a true story I heard this week on the radio. A news reporter that works at WKYQ also volunteers at a local no kill shelter. She told the greatest story I have heard in a long time. Back in January of this year, when our area had the ice story (yall have heard me refer to it a few times lately) the shelter she works at found a kitten wandering around. She had a collar on so they knew she wasn't a stray but they had no way to find out who owned it. They kept the sweetie and took care of her. This week at PetSmart they had lots of dogs and cats for adoption. Lots of people came and looked, played with and adopted several of them. There was a family that came looking to just love on some cats. The reporter asked them if were interested in adopting a cat. They said no, that they were still mourning the loss of their beloved cat. About that time the woman looked at the kitten that was found during the ice storm and said "that is our cat!" The reporter couldn't believe it. They even had pictures of their baby in their wallet. It was the same one. Needless to say they were given their cat back. Who in their wildest dream would have thought this would happen. Isn't that the most heartwarming story you have heard today? When I heard it on the radio Thursday I shed a tear.

I just don't think stories get much better than that.


Gin said...

Awesome story about the cat. What are the chances?!? By the way, I have twisted my hair since I was a baby my mom says. She says I would lay on the couch with my bottle and twist my hair while I was drinking my milk. I still twist my hair to this day. It's short now so it's not easy, but I still catch myself doing it. Funny how those things stick with us huh?

Scott W said...

I am so glad you no longer twist your hair. It used to drive me crazy! Well, not really. I just said that for effect.

I like that kitten story. I love it that they carried its picture with them!

Carroll Farm said...

What a great story!! I don't know that I would ever miss a cat that much, but my dog definitely!

Lou said...

Remember that story about the dog (or was it a cat) that walked across the US to find their family that had moved away. I forget why they didn't take the animal with them. Anyone remember what the movie was called?

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Cool story about the cat.

Thanks for sharing your day.


Paint Girl said...

What a wonderful story about the cat, such a happy ending! I love stories like that!