Friday, June 19, 2009

Awwww Evening Time


It's been so hot lately that I rarely venture out except in the evening. Annie and I took a stroll last night.


The garden is coming along.


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, cucumbers. Good stuff.


Banana peppers, double mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Can't wait for the first ripe tomato. BLT time!

Annie insists on grazing any time she sees tall grass. Like beside the cosmos.





Silly girl. Have any of you folks seen a Patio Peach tree? Here, I'll show you one.


I love the look of it. We have another one but last year Joe had picked some tomatoes and was walking back to the house. About that time Sophie charged toward him and knocked his legs out from underneath him. He took down half of the tree and landed on his bum but he saved the tomatoes. We had them for dinner and Sophie didn't have dinner. Not really on the dinner. For Sophie that is. We could never do that to her.


These are flowers that Joe plants every year. Sunflowers, cosmos and others. They are very pretty. Abby picked a flower from last years for me. Such sweetness.


We're hoping a bird family will move into the cool cabin hanging next to the house.

We wrapped up our walk just as it was sunset. Remember that tomato I was ready for ?



Anybody have any bacon?


Scott W said...

Raw tomatoes. bleh. I hope some big wind doesn't send the little birdie cabin flying away!

Lou said...

Annie sure is looking sweet and healthy.

MichelleSG said...

Oh we LOVE tomatoes. I want to grow them (they grow so well) but I know Jayne would just pee on them. Then they aren't so cool to eat right? I love the garden, it's beautiful!

Syd said...

I just ate the first cherry tomatoes from the garden. They were delicious.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Yum, fresh veggies.

When do we eat?


Paint Girl said...

I have always wanted a garden! Well, when I was a kid, my parents had one. I love fresh veggies! Yum!
My dogs graze too, especially if I am hand grazing my horses, the dogs think they need to do the same, it's like they forget they belong to the canine family.
Funny story about Joe, ok, I am sure it wasn't funny when it happened. But I can picture it! The dogs have done the same thing to my OH, but he was carrying hay out to the horses, Bailey came running full speed behind him and ran right into the back of his legs. Lets just say my OH did not remain standing! Dogs!

Karen said...

Your little house looks so cozy, nestled into the hillside. I love the post you did about how it came to be.

Anonymous said...

your house is beautiful, how on earth do you keep that thing clean and in shape.

love the gardens, i had no idea that cukes got that big. i have some in my garden for the first time this year. i've never seen a patio peach tree but i love that, i might have to get one too :)