Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday breakdown

I had a bit of a bad day yesterday. After actually seeing the third eye on the back of my neck (that is what Joe said it looked like and after I saw it I had to agree) and wearing surgical tape on the back of my head all day, pulling my hair and just generally grossing me out thinking of what was going on back there, I had a few breakdowns. First it started at work. I called Joe and was crying. I told him I was just upset because I am so tired of having to see numerous doctors for what seems like so long. I called Dr Turnbo's office and he couldn't get me in and suggested I talk to the surgeon's office. I called there and talked to the same nurse that I saw the day before. She was a bit short at first, probably had a bad day, then softened up and was empathic to my cause. I told her that I felt like I was being a baby and she told me that where my problem was is a very difficult place to have surgery on. She assured me that this type of thing happens from time to time and that what we are doing is all that can be done. I felt better having spoken to her. Prior to that I had told Joe I was leaving work and just didn't want to be there. Well, I didn't leave work. I stuck it out playing on the internet...he he.

I called So when I got home after getting upset yet again. I am just tired of seeing doctor after doctor. I had just had enough. He, of course, calmed me down and I felt much much better after talking with him. He has that effect on me.

Joe came home after taking Stephanie to meet her read dad and had picked up yummy cheeseburgers and fries from the local bar in the area. We ate and the rest of the evening was just fine.

I woke up this morning, well I was woken up by Sophie who needed to go out, and felt much better. I guess I had just reached my point of when is all of this shit going to end? But, as usual, I am grateful for so much. For the doctors that I do have, insurance, friends and family that support me. I have so much to be thankful for. Not to mention the fact that it could have been so much worse.

This weekend will be a relaxing one. I might just spend some money too. I want some new shoes and a new outfit for a meeting in Mt. Vernon, IL next Friday.

Thanks everyone for your kind words and prayers. I am thankful for all of you guys.


hulagirlatheart said...

Medical issues are so worrisome. Hang in there. Things are bound to get better. I think this weather adds to everyone's inability to tolerate stuff. Here's hoping we don't get much snow today. Prayers coming your way.

MichelleSG said...

Oy I know your pain. Now you know why I stopped taking those stupid meds even though I couldn't get a hold of my doctors to help me stop them. I'm at a point now where I only get seen if there is absolutely no choice whatsoever and even then I fight them on what they want to do to me. Most people think that doctors know everything but you know yourself the best. Keep yourself sane and for crying out loud, go spend some money on yourself. It'll make you feel better, I promise!

Jen said...

I'm sorry you had this happen. Today is a snowy rainy stay inside kind of day...enjoy it...its okay to breakdown ever now and reminds us we are human.
hang in there friend.

janjanmom said...

Go to the mall and stimulate the economy, BABY!! It looks like movies and shopping are all this weather is good for.

Also, I think the burgers and fries are what tipped the scales back to normal. There's just something about a bar burger that makes everything right in the world.

Scott W said...

Are you gonna meet George Washington in Mt. Vernon?

piglet said...

it's actually healthy for us humans to reach a limit and have a good cry. i don't know why we've been taught that reacting to life on life's terms should not involve real emotions and crying.

hell i'm crying for you :)