Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I will move past this ice storm soon, it's just that it lasted so long that I can't seem to get it out of my head. Or my blog. Plus, I took lots of pictures. Not as many of the damage as I would have liked because I was pretty much stuck at my house. But here are a few anyway.


This is my neighbor's house. Those trees are Bradford Pear trees. Any of them with any size in this area look just like this....split in two. We didn't lose any because our trees are much smaller.


Power lines were down everywhere.


That plastic bag is on a powerline that is dangling in the road. Very spooky.





Some more Bradford Pears. They have been cut down now.





Most of the trees look like this tree now. The limbs have split off and fallen. They look like toothpicks.



All of these pictures were taken within 1 mile of my house. But the entire western Kentucky area looks just like this. It looks like a tornado came through.









Lines formed at every gas station. Not only to fill up vehicles but also to fill up gas cans. Since so many people had generators hooked up at their homes everyone had to buy fuel for that also.



There are still thousands without power. I have friends that live way out in the country and their electric isn't expected to come on for 3-4 weeks. With that being said, I feel pretty darned lucky.


Pony Girl said...

Wow, no wonder you had no power! What a tangled mess. It's amazing how quickly mother nature can disable us. I am glad you were able to get out of the house and things might start to feel more like normal. Hopefully all those w/out power will have it very soon!!

fernvalley01 said...

What a mess ! glad you got through it .Hope that they can relorve the rest of the problems in your area. Makes me appreciate the the longest we have been without power is 24 hours

Syd said...

Bradford pears aren't native and are ornamental. They're pretty though. I wonder if the oaks and hardwoods faired better. Hopefully. It looks like a twister went through.

Karen said...

Mother Nature sure can humble us.

Scott W said...

I would like to see some of the sights in the downtown area. Looks like you had a hurricane blow through.

Zanejabbers said...

We have ice storms here every few years. Don't need it this year, Ike was enough. How are the girl,
Amy, the Mr.?

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Ice is very destructive. And Bradford Pear trees are notably brittle - similar to Maples.

It will take several years for that kind of damage to grow back to normal.


Lou said...

I'm wondering if the sex of the babies will be revealed by the magical counter.

Jen said...

we are so lucky friend. It could have been so much worse even though it seemed like it at the time. I'm glad your power is restored. Our friends out in Hickory just got power yesterday....she was so happy.

Daniela said...

wow, those are incredible photos. It looks like a war zone. I have a Bradford pear tree real close to my house..it's only about 8 years old, but I always think about it toppling over. I'm glad your safe..