Friday, February 13, 2009

An Apple a Day keeps the Boys away!

Abby loves fruit. I am so glad she does. Unlike myself when I was growing up she actually sees fruit and asks if she can have some. Of course I most always say yes.



All the while watching Spongebob and not missing a scene.


After all, that takes talent right?




Grandmother, what is Spongebob doing?


He's just being Spongebob Abby.


Well, OK.

Abby and I always watch Spongebob Squarepants together when she is here. I find it very entertaining myself. I especially like Patrick, Spongebob's best friend. He doesn't have a nose. How many of you have seen the episode where he gets a nose and ends up smelling nasty things and doesn't want it anymore? I know, 51 yrs old and talking about a cartoon. I've said it a dozen times. Life is good!


Bill said...

Lots of fruit will help Abby keep her girlish figure.

Amy said...

Ya know... there is nothing wrong with watching Sponge Bob, I myself need an occassional episode of the Flintstones or the Jetsons to take me back to my youth and it really does offer some stress relief!

I say - keep watching Grandmother! You're building wonderful memories for Abby!

Jen said...

Miller loves Sponge Bob too and he loves fruit...apples, bananas, grapes...I tried to get him eat Strawberry's the other day and he wouldn't...Madison loves strawberries...the difference in kids...amazing.

Scott W said...

You have said it more than a dozen times, sister!

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

I love the way Abby seems to lick her apple before taking a bite.

Great times watching Spongebob.


piglet said...

i love spongebob and all his friends, but sandy is prolly my favorite. she's a texan you know ;)

drake and josh and icarly are two other big fav's of ours too.