Monday, January 26, 2009

Tuesday will be full of ice

Western Kentucky and the surrounding area is expecting an ice/snow storm starting about 6pm tonight. It looks like about an inch of ice and possibly some snow tomorrow. Oh joy. Joe went to the grocery today to stock up on stuff. I don't know why everyone thinks we need to have milk, bread and eggs whenever inclement weather is approaching. Are we all going to make french toast? In that case I'll need cinnamon. Oh wait, I have cinnamon at home. The day is saved.

Seriously though it happens every time we have a winter storm watch or warning. I personally think the grocery owners are in on predicting the weather. I don't know how many times a storm has been predicted and nothing happens. It is rather humorous. I am glad that I know where my son is and that he will be warm and fed. A month ago I would have been afraid for him.

OH! I have a couple of shots of the girls yesterday when Annie and I pulled into the driveway. I called Joe as I turned on our road and he let Sophie out. Look at her ears in the first shot. Too funny!


Mom, is that you?



Where yall been Mom? Wait, let me smell your boots, then I will know.


Then I let Annie out and they played a bit. Not much though cause it was cold. Real cold!







There is my dufus husband with his arms out. He does this every damned time he knows his picture is being taken.


I don't get it. I simply do not get it.


Home Sweet Home.

Hey, to my Texas friends and to send some decent weather my way? Please?


Natarojo said...

OOOO it is cold! Look at the layer of ice forming on the pond! It's been like that here again lately. I've had to take a hamer out to the horses waer troughs, and bucket water out from the barn to those that were too low seeing as all the hoses outside have iced up. We are expecting 10cm or so of snow tonight.... Im wishing for spring!

fernvalley01 said...

Stay warm and Safe!! Great photos Annie seems to still be well enough to enjoy life

Pony Girl said...

Ha ha, I was laughing at the going to the store to stock up comment. I do the same thing~ run to the store and get: eggs, bread, and milk! :) Oh and frozen pizzas!
Stay warm and safe. An inch of ice sounds dangerous, so watch for broken tree branches and the like!

Anonymous said...

i love the pic of your husband in front of the flag. something about it is just perfect.

as for his hands, i bet if you cut them suckers off he'd stop doing it. you mark my words.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Hey, French toast should be part of every first aid kit.

From one dufus husband to another, keeping putting those hands wherever you want them.


CindyDianne said...

No nice weather here to send your way. We are under a winter storm warning ourselves.

It is hard not to love a boxer, isn't it.

Syd said...

Hope that you are spared the ice storm. I'm in Florida so it's fairly warm here.

janjanmom said...

I did go to the grocery today. I needed flour, apples, lettuce and chicken legs that were on sale. I got funny looks from all the people with milk and bread. Oh well.

You ranchero is very lovely. Looks perfect for horsies and doggies!

Paige said...

We are getting the same storm you are--I keep having to turn up the TV to hear over the sleet hitting the skylights.

And I love the dog pics-- I get the same treatment from one of mine, and the pig---and the same question "Is that mom?" Who else would it be, I ask you

Bill said...

It's Wintry Mix Day here in central Virginia today. The sleet is peppering the big window behind me at the office.

I know exactly what you mean about the grocery store shelves when snow/sleet/ice is predicted. It's weird how everyone gets a craving for French toast.

Pam said...

I'll trade you some warm days for Annie! Yeah, I didn't think so.

Scott W said...

The international sign for dufus is arms outstretched. It's true. I have seen signs.

Amy said...

Too funny - that's the first thing I think about when we get Ice/Wintry weather... "Do I have bread, milk, and eggss?"

I wonder why? And I usually always have enough in the pantry and freezer to feed us for 2 weeks or more... just in the event we get snowed in .... we do live in the Metroplex and it could happen? NOT!!!!

This is Texas - we may have ice today, but we will be back to wearing shorts and flip flops by Saturday!

Stay warm!