Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I don't know about you guys but I needed some color this morning. Something to look forward to this spring. It is colder than a witch's tit this morning and spring is just around the corner. Right?



Aren't they purty? I think I will make one my wallpaper today. It will make me smile.


Just what I needed today. How about you?


Amy said...

YEs...Yes... Yes... I need to see color and I am ready for spring.

I realize we don't have the cold winters that you guys have and us Texans get whiny after 3 days of cold weather, but I NEED Spring!!!

Thanks for sharing your cheerful pictures!

Bill said...

I love this photos. They remind me of fields in Spain.

Syd said...

I like these sunny faces too. Our spring won't be here until mid-March.

Andrea said...

Those are so beautiful!! I can't wait for Spring. The East is getting slammed with some super cold weather right now!! Brrrrrr!!

Karen said...

That cold, huh? LOL Thanks for the lovely picture. It warms my day.

Lou said...

Those pics hit the spot. We are in single digits all week.
And your little cold Dad always said that!

Scott W said...

Forget the sunflowers! Gimme something sugar loaded, PLEASE!

(It's my second day with no white flour or sugar.)

Daniela said...

Spring? Spring? I forgot all about spring. I have a reason to live. I'm coming to your house to stare at your wallpaper. WEll, I would if it wasn't so damn cold.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

We drove back to Ohio years ago from Colorado through Kansas when the sunflower fields were all in bloom. We spent the night and got up early to get on the road and sure enough, all the sunflowers were pointed to the East waiting for the sun.

Nice pictures.


Jen said...

i love fresh cut flowers in the house all year long. the winter is hard though i get hold cuttings though and it adds the color i need.