Sunday, January 8, 2012

Time will tell

I had the shots in my back last week to try and get this pain from a bulging disk under control. Oh Momma.......did it ever HURT! Thank goodness the procedure only lasted about 4 minutes. Good thing too because I am not a violent person but I was ready to dropkick that Dr across the room! I don't understand why he someone didn't forewarn me how painful it would be. Anyway, I got through it fine and that is where time will tell.

The very next day the pain was back. Not as bad but pretty close to the same level as before. A nurse from the Dr's office called me later on that day so I was able to tell her how it still was so painful. She assured me that it can take a while to get the relief. I don't know what else to do except wait and hope for the best.

I am on vacation this next week so I will have some down time to rest and see if the pain gets better. Meanwhile, tomorrow I will visit my wonderful dentist and have the rest of my dental work completed. I have put it off for way too long.

This past year has been one of the hardest for many of my loved ones. But it is over now and it's time for a better year.

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fernvalley01 said...

For me it took at least 6 or 7 days to get some benifit , from the shots. the reason it helps right away ois the freezing they inject with it . then the drug has to absorb, and honestly the firt time I thopught the cure was worse than the pain. But it does help over time .At least for me . Good luck