Monday, January 2, 2012

Time to get some things DONE!

I have scheduled a local company to come out tomorrow for an estimate for gutters on my new house. It is a much needed item, especially after we got about 7' of rain last year.

I will have shots into my back this week to try and get this awful pain from my bulging disk under control. I don't know how well it will block the pain but I hope for the best. I am ready to kick these pain pills to the curb!

I will have a busy day at work tomorrow and am happy about that. I have enjoyed 2 four day weekends off for the past 2 weeks but I am ready to get things back to normal.

My daughter is feeling my grandson kick up a storm these days. He is quite stubborn though when it comes to me feeling him. But that's won't be too much longer (about 4 months) when I will be able to hold him and start my journey to spoiling him. Just kidding about the spoiling part.......maybe!!!

My sweet pups keep me so entertained these days. There just isn't anything like 2 boxers playing. It truly warms my heart so much.

Next week I will have my dental work completed and will be off of work all week. I have put this off for over a year and it is way past time to get it done! It will be an interesting week learning how to talk with way too many teeth in my mouth than what I am used to. I am anxious to have it all behind me and move forward with my life.

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Syd said...

Sounds as if you are moving forward with life. That sounds good.